Social Scheduling – A Convenience for Large Social Media Users

Social Scheduling

Time is a limited resource. However, we all know the benefits that social media can bring to your business and brand. However, many people lack the time to post on their social media accounts as they would wish since they are busy in other aspects of their lives. As a result, their social media accounts lack new posts to keep the audience engaged. Fortunately, you can use social scheduling sites to schedule posts that will automatically get uploaded on your social media account at the scheduled time and date.

It is a fact that, for social media marketing to be effective, users need to participate consistently. If you do not do that, your followers will simply lose focus on your account and move on. When it comes to social media, there is no room for sporadic engagement. Therefore, you have to be very consistent in the things you do online.

Making things easy

With the right social media scheduling tool, you will enjoy better time management. Using social media scheduling, you can have free time that you could have spent making posts on social media. This allows you to focus on the other aspects that affect your business.

Scheduling social media posts also enables you to post outside office hours. This is very important as it can enable you to reach an international audience who are out of your time zone. With social scheduling, you can be able to post on different social networks at the same time. This means that you do not have to log into each network to make the post. Social scheduling sites such as Buffer and Hootsuite are very important in scheduling. These sites automatically post on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You just need to create the post and schedule them to post on the social networks that you prefer.

If you choose to schedule your social media posts, it means that you will have consistency in your social media account. By scheduling your posts, you will be able to post at specific times of the day and this will give you a consistency that your followers can identify with. In the end, you will appear to have a steady social media presence.

How to manage your social media account

Social Scheduling

If you are planning to schedule posts, be aware of the ‘automated’ feel of the posts. If you are looking to post the same message several times, try tweaking some words so that something feels different.

Plan out your calendar well in advance so that you can carefully time posts that are meant for different time zones. This is very important especially for businesses that operate beyond borders.

Have some flexibility and pay special attention to the trending topics and news in your industry. You can set up alerts on Google so that it can give you the relevant keyword while at the same time use aggregation tools to find the relevant articles. In this arrangement, you can schedule bulk posts while still sharing trending content with your audience.

Find a perfect balance between manual and automated participation. You can use social media automation tools in your strategy. However, you need to set time to monitor conversations, make a comment, answer questions and connect with people. You can use tools such as social inbox from Hubspot to monitor conversations around your social media accounts without needing to be there yourself.


Social scheduling can give you time to focus on other pressing issues in your business. If done correctly, it can maximize engagements about your brand and business. This is true especially for international businesses that operate across different time zones.

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Social Scheduling – A Convenience for Large Social Media Users

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