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Stacy George was born in Arab, Alabama at a time when hard work, integrity and character were highly valued. His father Henry rarely took any days off as he worked the nightshift at 3M, delivered clothes for a sewing company and operated a bulldozer for an area coal mining operation.

Early Life and Education

Stacy George was born on January 30th 1978 and currently resides in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Stacey graduated from Truman College in 2000 with a bachelor of arts in business administration. He and his spouse Scott have two sons, Richard and Geoffrey.

Prior to his career in politics, Stacy worked for Amtec Corporation and served as a county commissioner for Morgan County.

Stacy developed an interest in politics during his college days. He was nominated for the Political Science Student of the Year award, which ultimately inspired him to run for office in 2000.

From 2000-2008, Stacy dedicated himself to restoring ethics, openness, and trust among residents of Morgan County. In 2014 he ran for Governor, placing second in the Republican Primary behind former Governor Robert Bentley who resigned due to ethics findings by the Alabama Ethics Commission.

Professional Career

Stacy George began her professional wrestling career on June 14, 2001 of SmackDown!, where Shane McMahon brought her into the ring to distract then-heel Rhyno.

She loved watching Test dominate other wrestlers and would often make devious moves to help him win matches – including giving Goldust a low blow.

She had a unique perspective of Triple H being ambushed by some of McMahon’s henchmen during their 6 on 1 beatdown, which she watched with joy. Additionally, during this period, Torrie Wilson and she feuded; Torrie Wilson particularly showed off her sadistic side by laughing and pointing at other wrestlers’ pain and misfortune. As an iconic character on WWF, she made over $1 million dollars during her brief career.

Achievements and Honors

Stacy George has made an impact in the world. He’s worked in various fields such as military and corrections, served on boards and committees, and is an active participant within his community.

His hard work and dedication earned him a place in the National Honor Society at an early age, as well as receiving the Dean Olson Award for Academic Excellence.

In addition to his accomplishments, he is an advocate for ethics and transparency. As a leader in his profession, he has helped shape how government functions. Most importantly, as Governor of Alabama, he will continue fighting on behalf of Alabama’s people.

Personal Life

Stacy George is married and lives in Morgan County with his wife Karen. Together they are parents of four children.

He has served as a corrections officer in Alabama’s largest prison for many years, holding leadership positions.

His political career began when he ran for Morgan County Commissioner. He easily won the initial election and served for four years.

He then won another election in 2004 and served as commissioner for two more terms.

Now, he is running for governor of Alabama against Robert Bentley in the June 3 primary. He says that he was inspired to run by the Holy Spirit.

Net Worth

Stacey George is an acclaimed attorney, model and television host with an estimated net worth of around $3 million dollars.

Her legal career has included cases involving child labor and sex trafficking. Furthermore, she made a documentary about the fashion industry for E! Online.

She is running for governor of Georgia, with Republicans questioning how she could manage a state budget while dealing with her personal debts.

Stacy George

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