3 Reasons To Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Instead of Hotel

Bed and Breakfast Instead of Hotel

When you’re traveling for a long weekend, where do you typically choose to stay? Many people choose chain hotels because of the price or because they know what to expect when they stay at a chain that they’re familiar with. Yet, there’s an element of coldness to most chain hotels. You’re there to sleep and they’ll serve a continental breakfast and you move on. Hotels can be a fine option if you are very focused on whatever your scheduled activities are, but if you’re ultimately looking for a weekend getaway, a local bed and breakfast is a much pleasanter option.


At a bed and breakfast, the coziness factor is going to be significantly increased. Instead of stiff white linen, there will be a sweet quilt or warm comforter to snuggle up with. The rooms have more character, and your host is likely to have some sort of signature for the room, such as a fireplace, reading material, or soft lighting. Priced only a few dollars higher than a chain hotel, country inn guest room rates New London NH will be worth it when you consider all the other amenities.


No mass-produced powdered eggs for you. A bed and breakfast host will provide you with a lovely home-cooked meal, sometimes with options. You’ll maybe even have breakfast with your host as if you’re visiting a friend in their home. The other bonus is that your host is a local, able to point you in the direction of all sorts of activities for the day.


Walking out the door of a bed and breakfast, you’ll be met with gorgeous farm views, a lovely garden, or perhaps a lake. There may be a patio with a fire in the evening, a wooded walk for an early morning stroll, or farm animals to get to know. What a step up from the parking lot views of your hotel room!

For your next weekend getaway, consider choosing a bed and breakfast where you’re likely to make friends and memories.

3 Reasons To Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Instead of Hotel

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