Stocking Stuffers Your Loved Ones Will Love

Stocking Stuffers

While the presents under the tree are certainly exciting, the stocking shouldn’t be overlooked. The small sack could truly be the shining moment of the holiday season. While not always stocked to the brim, it’s the perfect spot to hide away special gems that can make your little and big ones smile. The trick is to think about personalities and to get creative. The following are different ideas that could put your socks over the top this year.

1. Bobbleheads

These treasured trinkets are meant to be lively, often fitting in with a family joke or favorite passion. The memento, tucked away, is just right for a desk or dresser, evoking a good smile with each glance. Be specific when you select your item. The choice should be specific to a show or concept that strikes a fun feeling. For a bit more special feeling, look into vintage bobbleheads. Custom-made, they can be designed to give you and the recipient something adored.

2. Gift Cards

After Christmas, it’s nice to splurge on something without worrying about bills. Grab a spa gift certificate, treating someone to a relaxing day. Pay ahead for a trip to the movies. Take care of someone’s coffee habit for the next month.

3. Favorite Consumables

Usually, chocolate and fruit are stuffed down in there; however, it’s okay to deviate from tradition. Pick out a favorite treat (or two). Chips are okay. Put in a can of soda. In fact, adults may appreciate a small bottle of wine.

4. Get Out of Chores Card

Write a homemade gift. Does someone hate to fold laundry? Say you’ll do it for a week or two.

5. Accessories

Jewelry fits nicely into that stocking. Slip it in.

6. Art Supplies

For the creative mind, there may never be enough paint, glitter or pipe cleaners. Hit the craft store, snagging some fun items.

Don’t neglect the stocking. Some of Santa’s best presents reside right inside.

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Stocking Stuffers Your Loved Ones Will Love

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