Steve Smelser

Steve Smelser – A Memorable Family Man

Steven Smelser was an ardent family man, cherishing both of his children. Additionally, he was active in his community. Now his family and experts are investigating any discrepancies surrounding his death.

Harvard and Oxford graduates, Smelser was an iconic figure in sociology. His contributions encompassed various areas including economic sociology and higher education.

Early Life and Education

Smelser received his education at Harvard and Oxford, writing influential works in comparative history, collective behavior, economic sociology, higher education and mentorship for many students and faculty members alike. He remains an important voice today.

His family have advocated for more answers, and were successful in persuading the sheriff’s office to reopen the investigation. Their 34 points that suggest Smelser wasn’t killed by himself aim to convince the state Office of Medical Investigator of any wrongdoing in Smelser’s death.

Joshua Smelser was an esteemed videographer, animal lover and family man. Additionally, he worked as a licensed contractor in Las Cruces on projects including volunteering with Shriners Hospital as a photographer at events; working on projects for police departments, firehouses and hospitals in his spare time; volunteering his services at Shriners events; photographing police stations firehouses and hospitals among many others he did work for; volunteering his talents with volunteer photography of events hosted by Shriners Hospital as a photographer/volunteer photographer as a licensed contractor contractor contractor contractor working projects while volunteering his photography services as photographer/photographer/photographer was one of those few that made them great friends for life despite all that work he put into each one if his life only existed through those few moments when we would see what would become his work a photographer/animal lover/contractor licensed contractor who worked projects around Las Cruces as well as doing work for police departments/firehouses/hospitals etc…

Professional Career

Neil Smelser was an exceptional academic, an iconic figure in sociology, and an exceptional educator. A Harvard and Oxford wunderkind, his works on comparative history, collective behavior, economic sociology and higher education were groundbreaking works. Although an accomplished scholar, leader and leader at heart – with enormous humility. He mentored countless students he was kind and generous mentor for.

Mr. Wilson represented large corporations against mass tort claims filed in state and federal courts, such as Toyota, General Motors, Ford, as well as several airlines and aerospace companies.

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Achievement and Honors

He is an Eagle Scout and received both the Founder’s Award and James E West Award during his time with Fremont Scout Lodge in Nebraska. Additionally, he holds membership to Alpha Omega Academic Achievement Award Society.

He has taught at multiple universities and published many books and articles in sociology. Furthermore, in addition to his academic career he served as a volunteer in the United States Navy.

Neil Smelser was one of the world’s premier sociologists. With degrees from Harvard and Oxford, he spent most of his life at Berkeley as university professor and was known for writing classic treatments in comparative history, collective behavior, economic sociology, higher education as well as economic sociology – making him a true giant in sociology and a beloved mentor to numerous students. His death on October 2, 2017 will leave an immense void.

Personal Life

Steve Smelser had an exceptional family and loved his children dearly. He always took great pleasure in treating people with respect. Additionally, Steve had his own unique way of looking at things – always trying to see things from different perspectives.

He was an exceptional scholar and one of the foremost sociologists of our time, renowned not for being harsh but as a masterful diplomat and negotiator who could recognize common ground during negotiations and lead deliberations towards that end.

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Net Worth

Smelser was an expert at construction, carpentry, ranching, hunting and fishing – in addition to running his own small business and managing the family property. Additionally, he operated a dog kennel. And most importantly of all: He always told his friends how much they meant to him!

He was also an experienced civil litigator, having successfully defended and settled hundreds of mass tort claims brought against Fortune 500 companies across California and Hawaii. Additionally, his experience includes toxic tort litigation, product liability issues, aviation-automotive litigation as well as complex business disputes.

On April 15, he was found dead at his Las Cruces home, with birdshot in his neck and brain, according to the state Office of Medical Investigator. However, his sister and brother refuse to accept it, vowing that they will keep looking for answers until justice has been served.

Steve Smelser
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