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Steven Decker – Indicted on Charges of Second-Degree Murder and Child Abuse in the Death of His Six-Year-Old Son, E

Steven Decker was charged on Monday with second-degree murder and child abuse in relation to Ezra Decker’s death at six years old, which will now proceed into trial proceedings.

Inspired by Frost’s ability to draw visual imagery and stir emotion with words, Steven quickly developed a passion for reading, writing and storytelling.

Early Life and Education

Steven Decker has traveled the globe extensively throughout his life, always showing an immense respect for different cultures. Now settled in Connecticut’s small town of Vernon, Steven spends his time writing and walking his dogs.

He believes the main goal of fiction readers should be to escape from everyday life, which is why he crafts stories that are unique and captivating. Furthermore, personal experiences must be included for each tale to have any real-life relevance.

He began writing professionally in 2021 with his novel “Distant Finish”, and has gone on to be hugely successful with other novels he’s published since. Now working on sequel to best-seller “Time Chain”, his work combines character driven sci fi with rich historical elements.

Professional Career

Decker has played seven seasons in professional baseball, six of them in the majors. Currently he serves as manager of Salem-Keizer Giants Triple A club as well as coaching their minor league hitting staffs.

He is an avid reader, drawing on personal experiences to craft characters he considers authentic. According to him, fiction serves as an escape from reality and provides us an escape route from everyday stressors.

Prior to beginning his graduate studies, he worked professionally as an actor, director, administrator and technician. Travel is his passion; especially Ireland where he finds great pleasure in cross-country walks and its legendary hospitality. With great imagination at his core and writing with the goal of transporting readers into amazing worlds – his writing aims at doing just that!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Decker is the author of several best-selling science fiction novels and nonfiction works. He holds a great deal of reverence for other cultures and has traveled throughout the world extensively, frequently visiting Ireland in particular to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes and legendary hospitality.

As an Army preventive medicine specialist in Vietnam, he was honored with the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service to his country and inducted into the Plantscape Hall of Fame alongside Rich Batcho and Phil Feinman in 2021.

Since 2022, he has served as Independent Director at Northern Dynasty Minerals.

Personal Life

He was an enthusiastic traveler, visiting numerous countries with great appreciation of their diverse cultures and respect for those that inhabited them. His favorite spot to travel was Ireland where he would make frequent visits each year to enjoy both its breathtaking landscapes and people’s legendary hospitality.

Decker currently resides in rural Connecticut with his two dogs. He is working on his next novel and plans to publish it by 2021, in addition to writing short stories and nonfiction pieces on varying subjects.

He combines writing with being an attorney at his Law Offices of Steven R. Decker in Virginia Beach where he provides clients with criminal defense matters. An expert in his field, Steven has handled many cases himself while earning the reputation for being fair and honest in his dealings with all clients he works with.

Net Worth

Investment Property Exchange Services was founded by him and he has been active in the 1031 Exchange industry for 13 years. His extensive experience includes structuring, coordinating and procuring all types of exchanges (deferred, simultaneous and reverse) as well as advising clients in real estate matters, tax and wealth management strategies. Furthermore, he regularly speaks and writes on topics of interest to Real Estate Brokers/Agents/Investors/CPA’s/Attorneys.

Steve Decker has an estimated net worth between $1 and $6 Million dollars based on both salary income and social media earnings.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the Steve Decker salary and net worth figures displayed here are determined based on a combination of factors; please take this data as a guide only.

Steven Decker
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