Steven Leventhal

Steven Leventhal, Attorney at Leventhal, Cursio, Mullaney & Sliney, LLP

Steven Leventhal is an attorney at Roslyn-based firm Leventhal, Cursio, Mullaney & Sliney LLP where he assists clients with Business Litigation issues. Additionally, he serves on the board of CorStone which offers evidence-based positive psychology and resilience programs to underprivileged populations worldwide.

Recently, Newsday reported that Leventhal failed to inform his county’s inspector general that he had been sanctioned for engaging in frivolous and obstructionist behavior during a 2017 case – something which did not need reporting as this form only asks about sanctions that affect legal licenses.

Early Life and Education

Leventhal was born in New York City to Allan M. Leventhal, a psychologist in Silver Spring, Maryland and Carol Gant Leventhal, former Director of Greenbelt Cares located in Greenbelt. Maryland

Steven has an identical twin brother named Lyle Rosenbaum who shares their birthday but did not grow up together. Because they share similar features, Lyle and Steven have often been mistaken for one another – in one instance their uncle thought Lyle was dining at a restaurant with his new bride!

Leventhal currently practices law at Roslyn-based firm Leventhal, Cursio, Mullaney & Sliney LLP where he assists clients in Business Litigation cases. Additionally, since 2010 he has served on the Nassau County Board of Ethics; previously he served on Muttontown Village Board of Trustees.

Professional Career

Leventhal is a partner at our Philadelphia office and has amassed an extensive practice in insurance defense and commercial litigation. A highly seasoned trial lawyer, Leventhal’s expertise lies in fire subrogation; auto liability; uninsured/underinsured motorist claims; products liability/premises liability litigation/physical security contracts disputes as well as class action lawsuit defense.

Leventhal serves as village attorney in Manorhaven, associate village justice in Muttontown and Massapequa Park and ethics counselor to the Nassau County Board of Ethics – making him an expert in government and professional ethics.

Kyle Wilson (lead vocals), Fraser McCulloch (bass, keyboard and backing vocals) and Eric Schwortz (guitar, background vocals and percussion) met at New York University and released their debut album Glowing Mouth shortly thereafter. Following its success they signed with Memphis Industries to distribute it worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

His partner at Richmond Memorial Hospital related a story of how Dr. Haley went above and beyond his duty when treating signs of brain hematoma in a young girl at Richmond. Dr. Haley used burr holes to relieve pressure, drain away fluid, and save her life by draining off pressure with burr holes he used on burr holes to relieve pressure, thus saving the child.

Dr Leventhal took great care and consideration in treating his staff with respect. At Christmas time he would write personal notes, host an annual pool party in summertime and was an inspiring figure who served his profession well.

In 2011, A Better City created the Norman B. Leventhal Excellence in City Building Awards to commemorate his legacy and acknowledge those who continue his impactful legacy of impactful Boston’s built environment. A Better City has honored an esteemed group of leaders and innovators including developers, architects, affordable housing advocates and more.

Personal Life

Steven Leventhal is married with two daughters and performs magic shows professionally for law firm parties, weddings and special events for hire. His magic was first learned while living at his parent’s hotel where guests would exchange tips with him; later he would perform in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Paris streets to gain more experience performing on his own.

Leventhal’s ethics have come under scrutiny after the county inspector general discovered he did not disclose his sanction for frivolous, obstructionist behavior in 2017 court case when his contract to counsel the board was extended that year. Newsday reports that there is no mention in vendor disclosure forms about sanctions which might compromise professional licenses of vendors.

He currently works at Roslyn-based Leventhal, Cursio, Mullaney & Sliney LLP assisting people with Business Litigation matters.

Net Worth

He was one of the earliest reporters at Ground Zero on September 11, and went live minutes before the first tower collapsed. Additionally, he covered natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina as well as Osama bin Laden’s death.

Leventhal has been serving as a senior correspondent at Fox News in New York since June 1997 and his net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 Million.

Before joining Cerity Partners, Mr. Reitze was Partner-in-Charge of Tax Practice at Dorfman & Company – a premier Southern California regional accounting firm. Here he specialized in partnership and corporate taxation for investment partnerships and high net-worth individuals across real estate, construction, entertainment and service industries; also providing counsel on complex tax matters like troubled debt restructures.

Steven Leventhal
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