Streets of New Capenna Price List

Streets of New Capenna’s price list includes the most and least expensive cards in the new set. Prices are based upon market values and do not include Commander-exclusive cards that can be found in preconstructed decks. The price of the list changes monthly and is subject to fluctuation, especially after major Magic tournaments.

Elspeth, the main character in the New Capenna tale, launches in the same place as Ob Nixilis. She has counters on creatures and a unique ability that makes five three-of-a-kind flying angels. Giada is one of the most powerful commanders in the set, and she’s a good option for commander.

New Capenna’s foiling varies, with some cards featuring shiny gold foil and others having dull silver foil. Since Commander Legends, Gilded foil has been a mixed bag for Magic. However, the new edition seems to play more like Commander Legends. It highlights the entire card frame and looks great.

The streetscapes of New Capenna reveal the city’s architecture and design. Using gold panels and strong lines, the buildings in this city evoke the art deco era. The city’s sewers reveal the sewers, but it also has waterfronts and sewers.

Streets of New Capenna Price List
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