Sun King OG Review

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The Sun King OG is a potent hybrid cannabis strain. Its effects are highly relaxing and will make you fall into a deep and serene sleep. Its high is a great mood lifter that can make you forget about the troubles in your life. This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors and can yield 400g per square meter. It takes 55 days to flower. From seed to harvest, it takes 62 days.

Sun King OG is an Indica dominant strain of marijuana with a potency level of 20.8 percent THC. It produces small, dense buds with a citrus flavor. The buds are easy to grind and break down for potent edibles. The aroma of this strain is a unique combination of citrus and earthy flavors that many users find calming. It’s great for stress relief. It’s not for everyone.

Sun King OG Review
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