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Supercar Blondie is an Australian social media celebrity, presenter and vlogger. She is best known for her automotive videos, which she regularly posts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. How rich is Supercar Blondie?

Influencer. Born on September 21, 1985 in Brisbane, Australia. Supercar Blondie Fortune is estimated at around 9 million euros. For 9 years she was a newscaster and host of a radio talk show on Dubai Eye 103.8 interviewing many celebrities including John Travolta, Jake Gyllenhaal and Liam Neeson. In 2018, she quit the radio show and became a full-time social media influencer. Her Facebook page has over 24 million followers, her Instagram over 6.8 million followers and she has over 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Bourgeois name: Alexandra Mary Hirschi
Spouse: Nik Hirschi
Supercar Blondie size: 1.68 m
Nationality: Australian
Her career began: 2009
Awards: Shorty Award for Breakout YouTuber

What is the net worth of Supercar Blondie?
Supercar Blondie’s net worth is currently € 9 million.

YouTube subscribers: 4.4+ million subscribers (@Supercar Blondie).
Total visits: 350+ million
Is also often searched for: Lana Rose, Doug DeMuro, Shmee150, Cyndie Allemann.

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Supercar Blondie Fortune

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