Superior Rideeffex Leaf Spring Helper 11-1036

superior rideeffex leaf spring helper 11 1036 36262

The superior Rideeffex leaf spring helper 11-1036 is a replacement for your existing leaf spring suspension. It’s a simple, convenient part for your truck’s leaf spring suspension system. This helper spring is designed to eliminate sagging in soft suspension vehicles. It works with 2 1/2″ or larger leaf springs and locks leafs individually to stabilize the axle torque.

Leaf springs are popular and durable in trucks, but they may not be the best option for all terrain. A helper spring is best for driving on rocky terrain. These devices function just like real springs and adjust according to the vehicle’s load. They will ensure optimal suspension, especially on rough terrain, and prevent sagging.

Superior Rideeffex Leaf Spring Helper 11-1036
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