Teksystems Help Desk Salary

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Are you interested in a career as a help desk support specialist? If so, you may be wondering about the salary offered by Teksystems. The good news is that the teksystems help desk salaries are significantly higher than the national average. According to Payscale.com, technical support representatives at the company can earn up to Rs 5.2 lakhs annually. This is almost 73% more than the national average. More information is available about the salary offered by Teksystems.

The average TEKsystems help desk wage is between 36 and 80 thousand dollars. While different job titles are wildly different, the average salary is around $67,596 a year. The highest-paid positions include Senior Software engineer, Solutions Architect, Developer and Quality Assurance Lead. Computer Operator is the lowest-paid job with a salary of $30,441.

Teksystems Help Desk Salary
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