Telagus CRM: The Most Comprehensive and User-friendly CRM System Out There!

Telagus CRM

Does Your Business Need CRM?

Wake Up! No, not those of you who have already been using CRM software effectively for your business. But for the rest of you, who have either been too reluctant or maybe just don’t know enough about CRMs, well, it is about time to invest in Telagus’s CRM to boost your business and enjoy long-term growth!

Nonetheless, many of you would ask the above question: Do we need CRM? What is CRM? Our business has survived all these years, and it can even now! What is the big deal with it? Well, of course, any business can thrive without CRM, but how far will it go without hassles? We are not sure! All entrepreneurs and company managers need to realise not to be “product-centric” but “customer empathic.”

Look around your workspace. Are your employees from different teams such as accounts, sales, web and marketing, and do they still rely on Excel and word documents to share customer and other business-relevant data? If yes, your employees are utilising more than half of their working day in sending emails to each other whilst updating the data in their records. Instead of going through this lengthy procedure, why not automate the entire backend of your company records and data? This way, your employees will have sufficient time to focus on essential issues while Telagus looks after the basic nitty-gritty. A smooth, cluster-free backend will help you better serve your clients and focus on growth!

What Is CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, i.e. Telagus, is an online platform that helps organisations collect and store customer information. It has helped businesses evolve from hand-written notes to gathering data digitally. But it is far more complex than storing databases. It connects all departments, such as marketing, sales and customer service, and organises and analyses their activities and metrics into one comprehensive system by targetting future leads, formulating and forecasting sales strategies and long-term growth of the business.

A CRM software provides real-time and unparalleled client data ensuring ease of operations compared to spreadsheets! Since CRM eliminates the scope for errors, improves business performance, and aids in growing your company faster, it is essential for all business backgrounds and niches. Moreover, Telagus is a user-friendly software that can easily adapt to any business, whether large, medium or small scale!

Align Your Business Goals With CRM

Telagus’s customer management system is beneficial to both companies and customers. Its vast benefits stretch across gaining complete and growing momentum over the sales cycles, identifying potential customers, converting them into loyal and paying customers, and keeping the existing customer base satisfied and in-loop! Here’s how:

  1. Mapping Opportunities: Telagus helps analyse the leaks and deviations in your sales patterns and helps track down a potential target audience, attract more leads and convert them. These loopholes are swapped with efficient and quality sales plans, which will help understand consumer psychology, leading to confirmed deals and sales!
  2. Automated Eye On Sales: If your digital business is spread across the country or region, keeping an eye on the sales cycle at all times could be challenging. Telagus is a cohesive and integrated software that will record and closely monitor the entire sales cycle, helping you boost growth and build strong customer relations.
  3. Swift Information Flow Between Sales & Marketing Teams: Your business cannot grow without the efforts of a sales and marketing team, but CRM ensures time is saved by avoiding uncoordinated business proposals and campaigns between both groups. With the help of Telagus, both these teams will not only be on the same page and share data without any hassle but align their goals which will lead to higher sales conversion rates.
  4. Tracking Marketing Campaigns: Whether your business thrives on email marketing or social media marketing campaigns, each of your marketing activities can effortlessly be followed and studied with Telagus. You can assess each campaign’s qualitative and quantitative metrics and reduce your sales and marketing costs.
  5. Personalised Customer Experience: Apart from centralised data storage, Telagus’s cloud-based platform makes interaction and reaching out to existing customers easier. Customers want to be heard, and CRM serves the purpose right by storing their personal information, interacting with them now and then, providing offers, promotions and discounts and showing products they will be interested in. Proper data classification based on purchasing power and demographics helps increase engagement and sales conversions.
  6. Improves Daily Task Management: Your regular and ordinary business tasks such as checking the employee leaves, task allocation, keeping a tab on project progress and completion, sharing of project details with shareholders and B2B customers, monthly pay-roll, filling forms etc., can be done quickly through our automated dashboard at Telagus!
  7. Telagus For Analytical Reporting: Have you realised how much of your crucial business hours are utilised in finding the plus points as well as the drawbacks of your business transactions? Telagus aids in saving time by providing automated reports to help with insightful and data-driven business decisions. Instead of wasting time in planning and forecasting, Telagus produces all the statistics for you to take immediate yet practical and profitable decisions based in the right direction. You can easily download and share these reports and charts with your employees and clients and determine the growth of your business for the coming years.

Streamline Your Customer Communications Efficiently with Telagus CRM!

Telagus: An Asset For Your Business

So many benefits within one application?! Of course, it is a lucrative investment for the longer-term success of your business! Not only will Telagus’ user-friendly and flexible feature aid in easing your ordinary and essential business operations, but it will also build a pipeline and framework for growth and increased revenue.

Whether your goal is to enrich the customer experience, project management or expand the conversation rate and make more money – Telagus aids in all areas and takes the burden off your shoulders.

Our expert team of web developers are available 24/7 to assist and help you navigate through its features. You can start your free trial or book a free tour. We have various packages for a monthly or yearly subscription as well.

Telagus CRM: The Most Comprehensive and User-friendly CRM System Out There!

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