That Which Flows by Manhwa: All you need to know

That Which Flows by Manhwa

Ever stumbled upon a story so captivating that it feels like a warm blanket on a chilly evening? That’s exactly what you’ll get with “That Which Flows,” a Korean webtoon that’s making waves in the world of romantic fantasy. Picture this: a world where the mystique of magic intertwines with the thrills of adventure, and you’re right there in the thick of it. Meet Yeon, our remarkable princess with a secret knack for controlling the very essence of energy. As she weaves through the intricacies of palace life, she crosses paths with a magician who sees her as more than just royalty. And guess what? You’re invited to tag along on this mesmerizing journey. Before you know it, you’ll be so hooked that you’ll find yourself binge-reading late into the night, eager to discover whether Yeon can harness her extraordinary powers and, perhaps, find the key to her heart. With its vibrant artwork, characters that feel like old friends, and a sprinkle of humor, “That Which Flows” is more than just a story; it’s an adventure that beckons you to be a part of it. So, why wait? Let yourself be swept away by this magical tale. Trust me, you’ll be sending your thanks my way!

Overview of That Which Flows by Manhwa

Imagine stepping into a realm where every turn brings a new enchantment. “That Which Flows” is this realm, a Manhwa (think Korean manga, but with its unique flair) that’s rapidly capturing hearts. Set in a world where the lines between magic and reality blur, it’s a place where the fantastical becomes possible.

The Story

Now, let’s meet our heroes, shall we? First up, we have Yeon, a young water mage with a heart as deep as the oceans. Joining a guild to sharpen his magical prowess, Yeon is not your average mage; he’s got a natural flair for manipulating the elements, especially water. He teams up with two other mages: Lisesharte, a fiery spirit with a temper as explosive as her fire magic, and Jueki, the earth mage whose calm demeanor is as steady as the ground he controls. Together, they’re not just a team; they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Their journey? A tapestry of thrilling quests and heartwarming adventures. As they help the townsfolk, battle foes, and forge friendships, you can’t help but feel a part of their world. Yeon, with his caring nature, is like the friend you’ve always wanted. Lisesharte, with her feisty charm, adds the spice to their adventures. And Jueki, the voice of reason, keeps them grounded (literally!). The artistry of the Manhwa brings their world to life in a kaleidoscope of colors, making every page a visual treat.

The Story and Key Characters of That Which Flows

Picture this: Yuri, our protagonist, isn’t your typical high school girl. She has this extraordinary ability to see “lines of flow” – think of them as colorful threads of destiny dancing around people, shaping their futures. But here’s the twist: Yuri can tweak these lines, altering destinies. Sounds incredible, right? But with great power comes great responsibility, and our dear Yuri finds herself tangled in the moral complexities of this gift. It’s like having the power to rewrite someone’s story, but should you?

Yuri’s journey is one of self-discovery and ethical quandaries. She’s torn between the desire to help others and the ethical implications of meddling with fate. It’s a delicate balance, and each decision she makes sends ripples through the lives around her.

Enter Takahiro, Yuri’s childhood friend. He’s the kind of friend we all wish we had – caring, loyal, but sadly, his life is a patchwork of misfortunes, as seen in the tangled mess of his own lines of flow. Yuri, driven by a desire to protect him, often finds herself altering his destiny, not realizing the full impact of her actions.

The Lines of Flow are like the secret melodies of life, each person’s tune unique and complex. Yuri, with her rare gift, can hear these melodies and even change their tunes. But each alteration comes with a price, a ripple effect that sometimes creates more chaos than harmony.

Yuri’s Ability is a double-edged sword. Each time she steps in to untangle or redirect these destiny lines, she’s playing a high-stakes game with fate. The consequences are unpredictable and often heart-wrenching. It’s a poignant reminder of the delicate balance of life and the unseen threads that connect us all.

Moral Dilemmas are the soul of this narrative. Yuri’s struggle is relatable on so many levels. Who hasn’t wished to change something in their life or in the lives of those they love? But “That Which Flows” goes beyond wishful thinking, delving into the profound implications of such powers. It’s a story that asks tough questions: Is it right to alter destiny, even for a good cause? Can the ends ever justify the means?

This supernatural coming-of-age story is a mesmerizing blend of fantasy and introspection. It’s a journey through the complexities of fate versus free will, the weight of power, and the unforeseen consequences of our choices. It’s not just a story; it’s a reflection on life’s intricate tapestry, where even the best intentions can lead to unexpected destinations. So, buckle up for a narrative ride that’s as enchanting as it is thought-provoking. “That Which Flows” isn’t just a story – it’s an exploration of the human spirit.

Why Fans Love That Which Flows Manhwa

Imagine a story so gripping that it’s like a magnet, drawing you into its world with every turn of the page. That’s the magic of “That Which Flows.” Let’s explore what makes this Manhwa a fan favorite:

Captivating Story and Characters

At the heart of “That Which Flows” is Mia, a character who resonates with readers on so many levels. She’s just your everyday high school girl until she discovers she’s anything but ordinary. Her journey into the world of shadows isn’t just about battling sinister forces; it’s a path of self-discovery, of understanding the depths of her own strength and the complexities of the world around her. The characters surrounding Mia – friends and foes alike – are not mere sidekicks or antagonists; they’re individuals with their own stories, enriching Mia’s world with their presence. It’s like watching a vibrant tapestry of lives unfold, each thread contributing to the overall masterpiece.

Dark and Edgy Tone

There’s something about a dark, edgy narrative that captures the imagination, and “That Which Flows” does this brilliantly. The intertwining of supernatural elements with the relatable struggles of daily life creates a compelling contrast. Fans are drawn to Mia’s challenges, not just as a person with extraordinary powers but as someone navigating the grey areas of morality and ethics. The art, with its shadowy, stylized flair, accentuates this tone, making the Manhwa a visual and emotional feast.

Action and Suspense

The pace of “That Which Flows” is like a pulse-pounding race – exhilarating and relentless. Fans are treated to a spectacle of action, from heart-stopping fights to nail-biting chase scenes. And the suspense? It’s like a delicious tension that keeps you on your toes, always guessing, always hungry for more. The cliffhangers? Oh, they’re the cherry on top, leaving you desperately waiting for the next installment.

Appealing Art Style

Visual storytelling plays a huge role in the appeal of Manhwa, and “That Which Flows” is a testament to this. The art is not just dark and stylish; it’s a character in its own right. Every line, every use of screentone, every depiction of Mia’s shadow powers adds layers of depth to the story. The dynamic, fluid action sequences are a visual treat, bringing the story’s energy to life. It’s like watching a dance – graceful yet powerful. And the consistent quality of the art? It’s like a promise of excellence, fulfilled with every volume.

In summary, “That Which Flows” is more than just a Manhwa; it’s a journey into a world where every element – story, characters, tone, action, and art – comes together to create an experience that’s truly unforgettable. It’s no wonder fans are so passionate about it. This Manhwa isn’t just read; it’s lived, and each page is an invitation to be part of something extraordinary.

Where to Read That Which Flows Online

Navigating the vast ocean of online reading can be a bit daunting, but fear not! I’ve got your back. Here’s your compass to the top destinations for enjoying “That Which Flows”:


Webtoon is like the bustling marketplace of Manhwa, where stories of all hues come to life. “That Which Flows” finds its home here, amidst a vibrant community of readers and creators. It’s completely free, and you can follow along with each new chapter as the author unveils them. Picture this: reading your favorite Manhwa on a cozy Sunday afternoon, right from your mobile device. That’s the convenience Webtoon offers with its user-friendly app.


Next stop: Mangakakalot. It’s like a library that never closes, always open for your reading pleasure. Here, you can binge-read “That Which Flows” to your heart’s content. The site has all the available chapters, making it perfect for those marathon reading sessions. A heads up – you might encounter some ads, so having an ad blocker might enhance your reading experience. Plus, they have a mobile app, Manga Rock, for those moments when you just can’t wait to see what happens next.


KissManga is a seasoned player in the world of online Manhwa and manga. It’s a treasure trove of stories, including “That Which Flows.” The updates are quick, almost mirroring the releases on Webtoon, so you’re always in the loop. Whether you’re a desktop warrior or a mobile maven, KissManga caters to all. Just a little note: some chapters might take a moment to load, but patience is a small price to pay for such a wealth of stories.


For a more streamlined reading experience, Mangasee123 is your go-to. Imagine a place where the focus is solely on the story, free from the clutter of ads. That’s what Mangasee123 offers. They’re quick to update their library with the latest chapters of “That Which Flows,” ensuring you’re always up to speed. And for those on-the-move moments, their mobile-friendly pages are a blessing.

In a nutshell, these platforms are your gateways to the enchanting world of “That Which Flows.” Whether it’s Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, or Mangasee123, each offers a unique reading experience, but all share the same goal – to bring you closer to the stories you love.

When Will That Which Flows Season 2 Come Out?

The wait for Season 2 of “That Which Flows” has been like waiting for the first bloom of spring – full of anticipation and excitement. While the official release date is still wrapped in mystery, let’s put on our detective hats and look at the clues we have:

Season 1, a spectacular display of storytelling and animation, aired from April to June 2021, spanning 12 episodes. If the creators stick to this rhythm, we might expect Season 2 around the same time in 2022. However, let’s not forget the wild card here – the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s like an unexpected plot twist that has affected many production schedules, so we might need a dash of patience.

Consider the intricate tapestry that goes into creating an animated show, especially one as visually stunning as “That Which Flows.” The high-quality animation and visuals are like fine art – they take time and meticulous effort to create.

The storyline, the heartbeat of the series, is another piece of the puzzle. With only a few chapters left unadapted from the end of Season 1, and new chapters unfurling weekly, the manga is like a garden that needs to grow a bit more before it’s ready for another season.

Then there’s the symphony of talents – voice actors, music composers, artists – each playing their unique part in bringing the story to life. Coordinating this ensemble is no small feat and requires careful timing.

And let’s not forget the crescendo of promotion and marketing that heralds the arrival of a new season. Trailers, teasers, character reveals – these are the signs to watch for on the show’s official social media profiles. They’re like the first leaves of spring, signaling that something wonderful is about to blossom.

In the meantime, why not revisit Season 1? It’s like re-reading your favorite book and discovering new layers you missed the first time. Dive into the manga for a sneak peek into potential future storylines, or join the community of fans in spinning theories about what Season 2 might hold.


So, there you have it – your comprehensive guide to “That Which Flows.” From the depths of its characters and story to the anticipation of its next season, this Manhwa is more than just a series; it’s a journey into a world brimming with magic, adventure, and beauty. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of the genre or just dipping your toes into these mystical waters, “That Which Flows” promises to be an unforgettable ride. Now is the perfect time to join the adventure and see for yourself why this story has captured so many hearts. Happy reading, and may the magic of “That Which Flows” enchant you every step of the way!

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That Which Flows by Manhwa: All you need to know
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