The 2011 Bears

The Chicago Bears were the most exciting team to watch in 2011. They were coming off a record 7-3 season in 2010, but retained many of their core players. They traded tight end Adrian Olson from the Carolina Panthers to the Carolina Panthers and signed receivers Roy Williams (Detroit Lions) and Matt Spaeth (Dallas Cowboys). They were stocked at all levels and hungry for another success story. In 2011, they were even better. The 2011 Bears were at the top of their game on every level, and they plan to improve in 2012.

The Bears finally broke their five-game losing streak, beating the Minnesota Vikings 17-13 on New Year’s Day. The team was without Jay Cutler as their starting quarterback, and Aaron Rodgers had to miss the game due to a broken collarbone. In his absence, backup quarterback Caleb Hanie stepped in and did a great job. Josh McCown had a strong game against Seneca Wallace, but it was still the same old Bears.

The Bears are a solid team in the NFC North, and Jay Cutler is in the best shape of his career. He worked on his mechanics in the offseason and seems extra motivated by all the hoopla. The Bears have personnel that suits their blocking schemes. They’re bigger up front, and they’ve improved over the course of the last two seasons. Regardless of their players, the Bears’ defense remains the weak link in NFC North.

After Cutler’s injury, Josh McCown and Caleb Hanie stepped in under center. However, injuries hit the team hard, and they had to replace the other key players. Johnny Knox and Matt Forte were both injured in the back and MCL sprains, respectively. The 2011 Bears were still a better team than their 8-8 record would suggest. Looking at the season-long stats, the 2011 Bears were a solid team that earned a spot in the postseason.

After a disappointing start, the Chicago Bears went on to win five of their final six games. They also scored at least 30 points in four of their five remaining games. Jay Cutler suffered a broken thumb in week 11, and the team turned to backup quarterback Caleb Hanie to win. Despite a strong start, they were unable to meet their expectations in the NFC Championship match.

The Bears ended up winning a tough Week 9 game at Lincoln Financial Field. The team needed to win their next two games in order to remain in the playoff race. They hosted the 5-9 Green Bay Packers, who featured rookie Aaron Rodgers. The Bears won the game, but the loss spelled disaster for the team. However, their next two games were much easier and they improved their standings. And if they can’t make the playoffs, the team’s season is over.

Throughout the day, seminars were held by the Bears. One seminar featured George McCaskey, the incoming vice chairman. A second panel featured senior executives from the team. Both panelists discussed the current status of the team. Another panel included NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell, who joined the discussion via a web chat. He answered questions regarding the lockout, ticket prices, and other important issues facing team. It was an interesting day for all who had an interest in the Bears.

The 2011 Bears
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