The 2014 Seattle Mariners

The 2014 Seattle Mariners were 38th team in franchise history. They played their 15th season at Safeco Field. Despite their recent success, they still struggled. Here’s what you need to know about this year’s team. Continue reading to learn how you can cheer on the Mariners this season. Don’t forget your 2014 schedule! We’ll discuss what you can expect this year from this team and their new stadium.

The Mariners have enough talent to compete in the AL West, even though there isn’t any star power in their lineup. The question is how they’ll use this talent. They aren’t the offensively-driven team fans were hoping for, but it’s still early. That means that the Mariners have plenty of room to improve. Be patient. They’ll make adjustments to their lineup, but their overall offense will be down in 2014.

While the Mariners will likely have a stable of everyday players, they will be missing some pieces that will help them compete in 2014. The Mariners have established players in the outfield, but they need to bolster their bullpen with a veteran outfielder. They will need a right fielder. They don’t have enough bats so they will need to rely on their outfield defense.

The lineup is more stable this season with the additions of the new bats. However, the middle of order will need to step up. Cano and Miller must get on base. Bundy will also need to hit in order to score runs. Whether they can do that will determine the success of the Mariners. And the Seattle Mariners’ chances in the postseason will largely depend on the success of the first third of the lineup.

While the 2014 Seattle Mariners were not perfect, the team was still a fun experience. They were close to ending the longest postseason drought ever recorded in major league baseball’s history. Fans will remember the final three games of this season, especially since postseason baseball hasn’t been played at Safeco Field for over a decade. If this happens again, the Mariners will surely be back to the playoffs in the future.

The 2014 season was a good one for the Seattle Mariners. Their pitching staff ranked seventh in ERA and seventh for fielding-independent pitching. The offense has been struggling, but the team’s pitching staff has not suffered. Its pitching staff was ranked second in wRC+, and fifth in allowed home runs. As a result, the Mariners will be able to compete for a wild card spot.

The 2014 Seattle Mariners team roster includes every player who appeared in a game during the 2014 season. The roster is extensive and includes links to player statistics. The roster includes the Opening Day starting lineup, the salary breakdown, uniform number breakdown, as well as primary starters. When the data are available, they’re included. In addition, the roster contains a summary of the team’s players. So, if you’re a fan of the Mariners, the team’s 2014 roster is a must-have for your collection.

The 2014 Seattle Mariners
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