The Benefits of Dual Contact Tool Holders

When it comes to accuracy and process reliability, a dual contact tool holder is a great choice. These specialized tools provide two surfaces of contact between the toolholder and spindle, providing higher rigidity and consistency. This makes them the best choice for machining complex parts with high cutting parameters. This article will discuss the features and benefits of dual-contact toolholders. Read on to find out how they can help your company increase production.

In most cases, dual-contact tool holders provide an equivalent flange-and-taper contact solution. The problem with unlicensed dual-contact tool holders is that they do not meet the strict tolerances of the BIG-PLUS spindle. If you purchase a non-licensed version, you risk a lower-quality connection and potentially expensive spindle damage. If you choose a counterfeit tool holder, you also risk voiding the machine warranty. If you are unsure, BIG KAISER has created a simple test to verify whether a tool holder is a genuine BIG-PLUS spindle.

Although Dual-Contact tool holders are a great option for precision applications, make sure you buy one that is made by a licensed company. Even if a dual-contact tool holder is made by a reputable company, you don’t want to take any chances. You can check for counterfeits by using an authentic, BIG-PLUS spindle. Once you’ve done this, you’ll know that the dual-contact tool holder will be a high-quality replacement.

There are some disadvantages to using dual-contact tool holders, however. Unlicensed ones leave space between the taper and spindle, resulting in poor runout accuracy, chatter, and vibration. The latter can even void your machine warranty. A licensed dual-contact tool holder will allow you to use the same machine as the original, and you won’t have to worry about a warranty voiding. If you’re unsure, check the size and weight of the tool holder to determine if it is compatible with the machine.

As mentioned, the dual-contact tool holder is an excellent alternative to a spindle without this feature. This type of holder allows the shank of the tool to contact both the spindle’s face and its taper. It will be more durable and easier to use. Its advantages will not be matched by other tools. You’ll have the added advantage of having the ability to customize the tool holder to your specifications and save money.

While dual-contact tool holders can be a good choice for machining, it’s important to check for quality. In addition to being durable, dual-contact tool holders can also prevent damage and malfunction in your machine. The main disadvantage of unlicensed dual-contact tools is that you can’t use them on your machine if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. You’ll need to buy a new tool holder.

Dual-contact tool holders are a great choice for a dual-purpose tool. A good tool holder will ensure a secure and reliable connection between the spindle and the tool holder. The dual-contact feature is a great option when you’re looking for a high-quality tool holder. Aside from offering a better grip, it’s also more versatile. You can use dual-contact tools with different sized spindles in a variety of applications, including milling and grinding.

Dual-contact tool holder is an important component for any dual-contact tool. It helps you to avoid errors and vibration. It also protects your machine from wear and tear. The patented design of a dual-contact holder is ideal for machines with high-speed and high-precision work. If you’re looking for a dual-contact holder, you should look for a brand that is licensed to BIG-PLUS.

The dual-contact tool holder has two advantages. The spindle has a more secure connection, while the shank is more rigid. The dual-contact tool holder is compatible with any BIG-PLUS spindle. Moreover, it provides a better grip to the tool, ensuring smoother operations. The universal size of the holder means it is compatible with any machine. So, if you are looking for a dual-contact tool nut, look for a product that is licensed by BIG KAISER.

The Big Plus system needs a special toolholder and spindle. The system is fundamentally V-taper-style, so the toolholder and spindle are interchangeable. Unlike conventional V-taper tooling, this dual-contact nut holder uses a special spindle. This feature helps in ensuring a secure and safe connection between the two parts. This nut is the main difference between the dual-contact nut and the traditional nut.

The Benefits of Dual Contact Tool Holders
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