The Bills’ 2011 NFL Draft Picks

The Bills’ management made it clear in the offseason that they wanted to select defensive players in the 2011 NFL Draft. This year, they took seven defensive players with the first nine picks, a much higher percentage than they did in 2001 when they took only seven defensive players with the first 12 picks. Clemson offensive tackle Chris Hairston and North Carolina running back Johnny White are among the four players Buffalo selected in the first round.

The Bills did not select Dareus, but they did select lineman Michael Jasper of Bethel in the sixth round. He was a Bethel offensive and defensive lineman, but the Bills expect him as a nose tackle. Gilmore is not a waste of pick. He’s below the level of Josh Norman or Janoris Jenkins, but he’s still a decent pick.

The Bills have a long way to go in the 2011 NFL Draft. They did not properly develop Ryan Fitzpatrick, their second top draft pick. While he lacks the arm strength that other quarterbacks have, he fits the Bills’ offensive scheme very well. Fitzpatrick isn’t a great fit for Chan Gailey, even though he doesn’t have the most impressive stats. He threw for more than three thousand yards and 21 touchdowns last season, but was sacked in just two games, and didn’t receive a single double-digit carries in any game. Buffalo is disappointed that Fred Jackson is not a great starter.

Jacquizz Rodgers, a quarterback, is another promising prospect. Despite his unusual height and build, the Arizona native was one among the most exciting college football players. He is similar to Darren Sproles but is much stronger. He’ll be able to contribute to the Bills’ offensive scheme better than No. 1 pick Julio Jones. And the Cardinals didn’t have to trade picks to get him.

The Bills’ linebackers defense is not much better. Akin Ayodele averaged 14.4 yards per kickoff and is listed as a four star. Brad Smith is not a good fit for a 3-4. Reggie Torbor and Andra Davis are average at best. Andra Davis is an excellent backup on special teams. They are a good addition to the defense, but the offensive line is a definite liability.

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The Bills are also interested to find a new defensive lineman. They were drafted in the fifth round in 2008 and have not had a successful offseason in the past three years. They were successful in the 2010 draft but failed to make it to the playoffs, ending a 15-game losing streak against New England Patriots. Although the Bills have not reached the playoffs since 1999 they were very close. Chan Gailey is back in Dallas after 12 years.

The Bills’ 2011 NFL Draft Picks
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