The Boxer Basenji Mix

A Boxer Basenji mix is a highly intelligent and energetic working dog. They love to be active and are an excellent playmate for children. The Basenji is known for its resistance to barking. Boxers are known for being gentle and loving family dogs. Depending on its breed, this combination may be the perfect match for your family. They can be stubborn so they need to be socialized early to avoid misbehaving.

Although this mix of Boxer and Basenji has its own unique characteristics, many people find it appealing. The Boxer Basenji mix is a relatively new breed, and it is still a popular choice for dog lovers. The Boxer Basenji mix is one of the few mixed breeds that looks more like a Basenji than a Boxer, but has a number of other benefits that make it a popular choice.

The basenji has a short, fine coat that comes in many colors. These colors include black, chestnut, brindle and white. Some Basenjis may have white markings on the feet and chest. White collars, legs or paws may also be found on some Basenjis. This combination makes the Boxer a reliable watchdog because it combines the Basenji’s hunting skills with the boxer’s ability to guard.

Banjo is a 1year old Boxer Basenji mix. He is playful, loving, but shy. He came to the GCAS as an owner surrender on 8/27. Although it is curable, it can lead to significant hair loss in his hindquarters. He is currently being treated for this and is adapting well to his new surroundings. A new owner can adopt Banjo today.

Boxers have many health issues, and veterinary care is essential for your pup’s health. Heart problems, aortic stenosis, heart disease, colitis, diabetes, heart murmurs, cardiomyopathy, and hip dysplasia are among the most common problems that can occur in Boxer dogs. These diseases can also affect Boxer basenji puppies. Ask your vet for information about Boxer basenji mixes.

Basenjis can be found in many different sizes and shapes, and are great companions. They are small dogs, but they can be very active and require a lot of exercise. As a family dog, they need lots of mental stimulation and exercise to be happy. They are healthy and easy to train, even though they need daily exercise. If you train them early enough, they will become a good watchdog. They make great watchdogs and are brave and courageous.

Both parents have strong guarding instincts. A Boxer basenji mix will inherit these traits. Although the breeds have different temperaments, they share certain characteristics. The Basenji can be aloof and friendly to strangers, while the Boxer has strong hunting instincts. It has many positive attributes, and the Boxer Basenji mix will surely become your best companion. This mix is a great choice for anyone looking for a loyal companion.

The Boxer Basenji Mix
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