The Doggy Boys

Dog Boys is a book about how the father raised the wild children of animals to become weapons. Glebhelm, a leader of the cult that fed the hybrids, made them eat their mother seven years before the story takes place. Douglas Abbot tricked them into killing and eating the dam’s inhabitants. The boys even chased Bobby, the boy who was the victim of a cruel experiment.

Dog Boys are naturally able to detect arcana and interpret it as scent. They use their Survival skill and their Notice skill to find magical and psychic entities. Dog Boys cannot use Psychic Sense while in sealed armor or in a vehicle. They also have a -1 penalty to their Psychic Sense if they are affected by Cybernetic Strain. They can also not take the Arcane Background using PPE or Iconic Frameworks if they already have one.

It can be more difficult to name a dog for a boy than if it is a girl. While choosing a name for a boy, the owner wants a name that is memorable and creative, one that will reflect their personality and still be cute. The owner should not be embarrassed by the pet’s name. This is not an easy task. While selecting a dog name, be sure to avoid common command words like “boys”. You and your pet’s name should not be embarrassing.

The Doggy Boys is the story of an orphan boy who falls in love with wild animals in Moscow. In the late twentieth century, two million children roam the streets of Moscow. A young boy named Romochka is abandoned by his mother and uncle and is rescued by a stray dog. Romochka finds his way to the dog’s house in a ruined church basement, where he and six other dogs live. He will learn his own moral code over the next two winters and attract scientists and police officers.

The Doggy Boys
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