The Early Show

The Early Show has undergone several changes since its beginning. In January 2001, the program announced that it was re-branding to become a local/national hybrid. It introduced a new color scheme with graphics in orange and blue. The same design was also used by CBS on Up to the Minute, CBS Morning News and CBS News. On December 4, 2006, Rene Syler announced that she would be leaving the show.

The Early Show aired on CBS affiliates across the globe. In Australia, the show aired weekdays at four a.m., while airing under the name “The CBS Early Show”. The show featured a national weather map of Australia during its cutaways with local affiliates, but was otherwise not preempted by CBS. KUTV, which aired morning newscasts in regional areas, preempted the show.

Another change was the addition of music. Initially, the theme of The Early Show was a slower version of the theme from CBS’ Evening News. The song was composed by Trivers-Myers Music, which had been used on the Evening News from 1987 to 1991. It was revived by Scott Pelley, who took over as anchor. Music has become an integral part the show’s identity. The music helps the show stand apart from the rest.

The Early Show is an American morning show that aired from November 1, 1999 to January 7, 2012 on CBS. It was CBS’ ninth attempt at producing a morning news-talk program. It aired live in the Eastern Time Zone, with tape delay in all other times zones. Some CBS affiliates preempted Saturday’s edition. It was broadcast from New York’s General Motors Building. There was no Sunday edition. Its format remained similar to that of CBS’s other morning news programs, but it used a lighter, more lifestyle approach.

The Early Show
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