The Emperor of Naruto – Team 7

A popular fanfiction is about the samurai emperor of Konoha, “The Emperor of Naruto.” The story posits that Naruto is the town’s kage bunshin. However, his lack of passion and lust makes fans wonder if the emperor is really as loyal to the town as he claims.

Naruto’s lacklustre passion

Sakura’s lack of passion, lust, and resentment towards Naruto has been criticized for a long period. This was something Naruto felt too, but she ignored it. Sakura was not averse to sex. Although she was virgin before meeting Naruto she had learned a lot about sexuality and is now very knowledgeable about the concept of making love.

One reason that Sakura is so upset at Naruto’s lack of passion luster is that he’s too cynical to love his girlfriend. He had also lied to himself about his feelings towards Sakura. This means that he has lost his sense of imagination, and that is why he hasn’t acted accordingly. In addition to denying his feelings for Sakura, he has also been unable to find a suitable mate for himself.

The first time he met Sarada, he had a crush on her. She was a food source for him when he was a baby and a plaything for his teenage years. However, Naruto was disappointed by her lacklustre passion lust. The girl didn’t realize he was so unimpressed with her sex fantasies.

Sarada blushed as Naruto touched her pussy. She was so fascinated by the act, she tried to grab his head. She thought that Naruto knew all the right places to squeeze her. Despite this, she was surprised to realize that the sensation was so strong that she was able to make him gasp.

Naruto’s refusal to help konoha fanfiction

Naruto’s refusal to help Konoha is a common plot point in many fanfictions, but there are some differences between the series and canon. Assuming the story is not canon, the response to the isolation by Naruto is very different from the way the series depicts it. In canon, Naruto refuses to help Konoha because it would make his teammate, Uchiha, look weak. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll give his life or any part thereof, but fanfiction suggests that it could. He’ll actually be returning to the region for a trial.

Although the fic begins with humor, the characterisations are very dark and human. The main theme of the fic is Team 7. Naruto refuses to help Konoha, making him a dangerous international S-class criminal. However, this doesn’t stop him from doing good. He ends up making people laugh incessantly.

A battle is on the horizon for this gang of young men. The gang is in desperate need of a warrior. They all want Naruto to join them, but he is too powerful to resist. He holds the fate of the villagers in his hands. However, Naruto’s refusal help Konoha allows him to save Konoha.

While Naruto’s refusal of helping Konoha was a unlucky twist to the story, Kishimoto’s story shows that the true meaning is that Naruto is an underdog. In the manga, the former orphan would never have been a privileged kid. His privileged clan heirs would have a more fortunate upbringing, a more advanced education, and bloodline powers born at birth.

Naruto’s samurai

This is an entertaining fic that begins with a hilarious scene, and then slowly evolves into an intense character study. The author does a wonderful job of making Team 7 feel real. The entire story is about their brokenness, and they eventually decide to help Naruto in his own way. But before that happens, though, they have to face the fact that their parents are dead.

This is a major AU. It starts with a speech that Kakashi makes to Sasuke at the end of the Search for Tsunade arc and ends when the series ends. It’s also a YA fic, but it has a strong focus on Sasuke. This fic has a sexual thing half-way through the story and one real sex scene.

This is a wildly different version of the events of the manga. After the Kyuubi attack, Naruto returns home to the academy to try to follow his brother’s steps. In The Ninja Samurai, he is adopted by a Samurai and struggles to integrate his Ninja ways into his new life. This is one my favorite AUs in manga. I highly recommend it!

In the manga and anime, there are several different versions of the samurai’s actions. Naruto must deal with the Yamanaka clan’s samurai, and this story shows them all in depressed moods. As a result, this fan fiction satirizes the samurai’s behavior and their desire to help.

Naruto and Minato’s relationship

Although there is no clear answer to the question of Naruto’s and Kushina’s relationship, one thing is certain: it was complicated. Kushina was initially skeptical of Kushina’s new classmate at the Ninja Academy. After Minato rescues Kushina from a kidnapping she changes her mind. Kushina starts to see Minato as someone reliable and capable of becoming a hokage.

Kushina is kidnapped during the events of the manga by the Kumogakure Shinobi, who wanted her chakra. Kushina left behind strands of red hair to mark her trail. Minato was the only one to notice the red trail. He explained that he had always loved Kushina’s hair. After that, Kushina fell in love with Minato and wanted him to protect her and their child.

In the manga, Naruto and Minato are the only characters with love interests. The relationship between the two characters was based on mutual attraction, so it would make sense for Minato and Sakura to become romantic. Despite their differences, however, both characters share many similarities, including their shared interest in Sakura. In this instance, Naruto & Minato are in a relationship with two different women but are destined to find happiness together.

The third Hokage had always been afraid of the Uzumaki clan. As a result, the Uzumaki clan did not give them the opportunity to adopt a child and the Third Hokage was clearly not taking good care of the kid. They never revealed to the world that Naruto had a relationship with Minato, but later, the Third Hokage learned of their secret.

The Emperor of Naruto – Team 7
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