What to Expect After Surgery

What to Expect After Surgery

Surgery can take a toll on one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Not only does the body experience additional trauma to repair an existing problem, but it is forced to temporarily function in an unfamiliar manner. For those individuals that have never been faced with such a life event, fear of the unknown can create overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety. Having a brief understanding of what to expect following a procedure can help you properly prepare for what’s to come.

Extended Observation Periods

Depending on the type or severity of your procedure, you might be admitted to the hospital for additional observation. Those that are recovering from heart, brain or lung surgery may need nurses to regularly monitor their vitals, check for signs of infection and administer pain medication. If you require an extended stay, you might find it beneficial to bring a bag of personal items such as a change of clothes and hygiene products.

Rehabilitation Services

Many surgical patients find physical, occupation or speech therapy heavily integrated into their recovery process. Whether you need to strengthen or retrain muscles in the body, relearn how to perform simple everyday tasks or effectively communicate with others, it is imperative that you follow your doctors’ instructions. If you are unable to drive yourself to the necessary appointments, utilizing services such as rehabilitation centers Union County New Jersey can make scheduling efforts less stressful.

Lifestyle Changes

The human body needs an adequate amount of time to heal following any surgical procedure. Prolonged periods of rest, restricted activity or lifestyle changes may be necessary to allow for optimal recovery. Although these modifications may not be permanent, they have the potential to create feelings of depression. Interacting with family and friends, identifying new hobbies and engaging in self-care can assist in combating negative thoughts or feelings.

Knowing what to expect post-operatively can help ease any worries that you or your loved ones may experience.

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What to Expect After Surgery

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