The Extinct Cumberland Sheepdog

The Cumberland sheepdog is an extinct breed. Its descendants were border and old working collie breeds. Its behavior and characteristics made it a popular choice for shepherds. Although this breed is no longer being produced, you can find similar traits in other types of dogs, including the poodle. Read on to learn about the dog’s history. These are some fun facts about the extinct breed.

The Cumberland Sheepdog has an exceptional hearing range and high vocal cords. Its territorial nature makes it a great watchdog and is likely to alert you to unusual situations. Cumberland Sheepdogs are strong jaws. They can produce 200-400 PSI force. This can make it dangerous to let your Cumberland Sheepdog run around with strangers until it is fully trained.

The Cumberland Sheepdog is a working breed that was found in the north of England. Their long, fluffy coats had black markings. Their ears were straight and placed far apart. While the Cumberland was an extinct breed, they were still very intelligent dogs, and could be taught new tricks and games. Their natural desire to run and play was a key part of their success. If you have a Cumberland Sheepdog, consider taking him for a spirited walk or a game of ball.

The Cumberland Sheepdog, an ancient breed of sheepdog, is a Cumberland Sheepdog. The dog was found in the Peak District in early 19th century England. Its native range included northern Derbyshire, South West Yorkshire, and Cheshire. This breed is very popular in the Chiiviot Hills near the border of England & Scotland. Its distinctive features make it the perfect sheepdog for a herder. You should research the history and appearance of the breed before you decide to get one.

The Cumberland sheepdog was originally bred for working purposes. Lord Lonsdale tried unsuccessfully to save the breed from extinction. The German Shepherd Dog saved the breed for a while. However, a few years ago, he disbanded his kennel and handed his dogs to peasants. The breed’s history is still very much alive today. This dog will be a loyal member of your family.

In addition to their herding skills, the Cumberland is great at backing sheep. Backing involves the dog running along the back of the sheep, dropping through them, and barking on command. This exercise has been taught to them in the sheep races, as they are a great help for shepherds handling large flocks of stock. Then, they’ll have to push the required sheep forward while running a race outside.

This breed is used primarily for livestock guardian work but can also be used to herd animals. They are racially built and highly intelligent. They are great family pets and can be used in both the city or the country. They’re also good watchdogs and can protect livestock. Cumberland sheepdogs are a great choice if you’re looking for a dog who is loyal and affectionate.

The Extinct Cumberland Sheepdog
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