The Importance Of Witnesses In A Bicycle Accident Claim

Bicycle Accident

Different people can have other accounts of what happened in an accident, but their performance can provide vital information for your claim when eyewitnesses are on the scene. Yet many claimants are left wondering whether their injuries and losses will be considered less significant because they did not have witnesses to support them.

The Importance Of Witnesses In A Bicycle Accident Claim

The law recognizes that witnesses often give differing accounts after an accident and that this is not necessarily a reason to discount the evidence. It is fair to say that the more support there is for your case, the better; however, it is crucial to understand that having no witnesses is not necessarily a detriment to your claim. 

It will be your word against the driver’s account of what happened in court, and you must be prepared to ensure that your version of events comes across as credible and believable as possible. At Zayed Law Offices, they emphasize the importance of the witness testimony in your case.

A lawyer can identify who you believe to be credible and who you believe would be appropriate as a witness in your claim. They have an acute understanding of the legal process at court and can help you understand what evidence is required, what questions will be asked of you, and how best to prepare for these proceedings.

The Types oO Expert Witnesses Used In Your Claim 

1. Accident Reconstruction Expert

The court may need to hear expert evidence to entirely understand what happened in your accident. Having an expert examine the accident scene and draw a report provides excellent support for your claim. If you have been run off the road by another vehicle, an accident reconstruction expert may know how this could have occurred and how it caused your accident by providing further witness statements.

2. Medical Expert

Medical experts will usually be asked to give their opinion on what caused your injuries in light of the information you provide about how you were injured and any other supporting evidence for your claim. These will be particularly important if you have suffered a severe injury in the accident. 

3. Court Reporter

If you are in court and require an interpreter, you can request that a court reporter be present, who will translate the evidence into English for your case. It primes the jury and may support your claim that they feel is more believable as they can understand what has been said. 

Can I Claim Compensation If I Have No Witnesses?

On some occasions, there will be no witnesses to an accident, particularly in cases where a cyclist is hit from behind by another vehicle and suffers severe injury or death. In these situations, other ways of proving liability may still lead to you securing compensation for your damages and losses. 

Firstly, if the vehicle was actively involved in a prosecution for your accident, you may be able to access road traffic accident reports that can help prove liability. In cases where the driver is uninsured, this will also allow you to gain compensation. 

One of the main ways to prove liability is through evidence of causation. Having a photograph of the scene of your accident and photographs showing any damage to your bicycle can provide invaluable evidence in helping prove cause and effect. It can help show how your injuries and losses occurred and that someone’s negligence caused these.

In bicycle accidents, it is much easier to prove liability when a cyclist is not hit from behind and has an eyewitness to support their claim. Without an eyewitness, it may still be possible to prove liability through other evidence such as photographs, but you should give this the appropriate weight within your case. 

The Importance Of Witnesses In A Bicycle Accident Claim

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