6 Ways On How To Deal With Drug Charges In Canada

Ways On How To Deal With Drug Charges In Canada

Drug felonies are prevalent and complicated ordeals in Canada. Different charges are pressed for various drug possession reasons, and people often face jail time because they have no knowledge about that drug or make false accusations. The potential penalties for these charges may differ with the severity and quantity of drugs in the custody of the charged. 

According to Canadian law, it is illegal to be involved in trafficking or possessing a controlled drug. To dwell in any such activity might result in you being charged with a criminal drug offense. If you find yourself in stagnant waters regarding being at the receiving end of the offense, here are some ways you can deal with drug charges in Canada. 

Know Your Right To Remain Silent 

Your first line of defense in case of a criminal drug offense is to know that you have a right to remain silent. 

  • You can ask for a lawyer provided by the state or your private lawyer to represent you for your case in court legally. 
  • It is important to know that, at this point, any of your actions or words can be used against you in further trials. 
  • Try to understand your offense and map out your course of action at this time. 

Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Usually, there are two types of offenses in terms of drugs. A drug possession offense and a drug trafficking offense. This is high time to hire an experienced and well-reputed criminal defense lawyer for your case. 

  • The lawyer will ensure you understand your case and prepare well-researched data in your favor. 
  • The drug trafficking attorney will be responsible for fighting for your personal rights in a matter of trial in court. 
  • The lawyer should have extensive experience in this genre of offense and should have testimonials as proof of his competence. 

Doubtful Possession Of Drugs

The prosecutor can declare a not guilty verdict to the court If there is no evidence that you were in possession or management of the prohibited drug. 

  • The prosecutor can declare that there is no accurate information on you possessing that drug that might work out in your favor. 
  • There might be no data on your case or doubt which can be a significant factor in fighting off the charges. 

Identity Doubt 

An effective way to challenge a severe drug offense is proving identity doubt. 

  • In a drug possession case, the prosecutor must have legit proof of the charged person carrying the drug, not by a co-accused or someone else. 
  • In terms of no proof of custody of drugs, it can easily lead to a non-guilty verdict from the jury. 

No Knowledge About Drug Ownership 

Another well-known way to deal with a criminal drug offense is to prove that you did not know possession of the prohibited substance. 

  • The drug lawyer can set your case in accord with you being unknowledgeable about the drug. 
  • They can also provide evidence of you being falsely accused of having no evidence of you holding the drug. This can easily lead to you being non-guilty. 

Search And Warrant Objections 

It is the work of your hired lawyer to look into any actions taken regarding your search or your arrest by the police. 

  • The lawyer will ensure that the police have a proper search warrant for a drug offense that they can challenge otherwise in court. 
  • The state provides essential protection to people searched or seized for drug possession, according to section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. 
  • If your lawyer finds any mishandling or violation of consent, they can challenge to withdraw the case. 


Getting involved with the possession or trafficking of a prohibited drug is a criminal offense. It’s essential to know your rights in such situations. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer might be your best bet to get yourself a non-guilty verdict. 

Remain silent regarding arrest; creating an identity or possession doubt of the illegal substance might waver the case to your benefit. Setting the case around no knowledge of possessing an illegal drug or in case of no proper search warrant and violation of consent can move in the case in your favor. 

6 Ways On How To Deal With Drug Charges In Canada

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