The Lions Beat the Bears 31-28 on Monday Night

With a two-score lead and less than two minutes to go in the game, the Lions went into prevent mode and nearly iced the game. After driving down to their own 12, the Lions took the ball and almost got it to the Chicago 14. A Jahvid Best run from the shotgun blew through a gaping hole in the middle of the line. He broke through the second level and ran past the Bears’ safetyties to score an 88-yard touchdown. He was never touched on that play.

Matthew Stafford’s 1,217-yard pass total and 11 touchdowns lead the Lions’ offense to second in scoring in the NFL. Wide receiver Calvin Johnson added 321 yards to the total. The duo have one of the league’s best pass-catch combos. Conversely, the Bears are last in points allowed and rank eleventh in total defense. They finished fourth last year in points allowed. They were caught giving up too many passes to their opponents this year.

The Lions have a long and competitive rivalry with the Bears. The Bears have a notoriously bad defense led by defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. Marinelli has twice injured Matthew Stafford. The Lions are starting to gain respect. The Lions have the chance to ram it down the Bears’ throat on national television. While the Bears are unlikely to participate in the increased respect, they have a legitimate shot to win.

Although the Lions started slow in Monday’s game it didn’t leave them in a 20 point hole. In fact, the first quarter was scoreless. Both the Lions and Bears punted on their three first drives. In addition to punting, both teams failed to make a touchdown. Only the penalties helped them win. This was the first time the Lions had beaten the Bears since the merger.

Jay Cutler played well under pressure, completing 28-of-38 passes for 249 yards. But his offensive line gave him no help and the Lions defenders put him on the ground when he tried to drop back to pass. Chicago was crushed by the Lions defense on Monday night and the Bears were forced to settle for a tie. The playoffs will see the Lions recoup their loss against the Bears.

The Detroit Lions made their first Monday Night Football appearance in ten years. Their last Monday Night Football appearance was Oct. 8, 2001. The game ended with the Lions losing by 35 points to the Rams, who were 0-12. The game at Ford Field was sold out and the pregame atmosphere was something special. It was the first Monday Night Football match in a decade and it represented the revitalization of Detroit.

The Chicago Bears have a strong track record in Monday night football. Their last loss came on the road against the New Orleans Saints. This game will be a fun one to watch, and the Lions will be at home against the 49ers on Monday night. You can watch the game live on SB Nation NFL. It’s sure that you’ll enjoy this season’s NFL action.

The Lions Beat the Bears 31-28 on Monday Night
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