The Mutual Self-Help Housing Program on Oahu

The Mutual Self-Help Housing Program (Oahu) offers low-income families the chance to own a home. The program is based on the principle that a family earning under 80 percent of the area’s median income can purchase a home. This means that the average home will cost $295,000.

This program is divided into two phases. In the first phase, SHHCH purchased a 70-unit subdivision in Waianae. The subdivision, Pokai Bay was on the brink of foreclosure only a few years back. It’s currently helping low-income households construct homes in two phases. The first phase, which consists of 35 homes, is currently under construction. The second phase will soon begin. Pokai Bay will see the construction of 138 homes. Construction financing will be closed for the first 35 homes.

The HICDC Self-Help Housing program pairs six to twelve families with the same goal: to build a house for a family on a fixed budget. The program includes the acquisition of land and the financing required to complete the project. It also involves recruiting mortgage-qualified families and securing subcontractors and permits. It also requires sweat equity which allows families to lower the cost of their home.

Low-income families can use the self-help housing programs to help them secure their own housing and build community facilities. Self-help housing programs bring people together and transform them from being homeless to active members of society. Not only does self-help housing provide affordable housing, but it also provides affordable work space to help start a business. Self-Help Housing gives individuals the opportunity to build skills and start a nonprofit organization, and it teaches them how to negotiate with home owners and secure funding.

The Mutual Self-Help Housing Program on Oahu
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