The New Card is Being Produced

the new card is being produced 52668

The new card is being produced. The USCIS will validate the i 765 application and send it to be etched onto paper. The new card should arrive within five to ten days. This is a very joyful moment. You won’t have to wait long to enjoy the benefits of living here once you have your new card.

The process is complex, and includes many legal procedures. The first step of the process is to complete the form I-485. Once the form is approved, an interview will take place. Once the interview is completed, you will receive your new card within two weeks. You will also be notified when the new card is being printed.

The USCIS has approved your EAD request. After the EAD is approved, the SSN office will send a request to obtain your SSN. Within five to ten days, the SSN card will arrive. This card is not biometric. Before you can get your new EAD card, you must have your SSN card. It is important to remember that H4-EADs don’t require biometrics.

The New Card is Being Produced
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