The Potty Safe – A Shark Tank Update

The Sharks have not been impressed by the Potty Safe, and are considering alternatives. This product was only launched six months ago and has since been sold online and at Walmart. In an update from Shark Tank, founder Colt Hall explained how the product has changed his life. The Sharks have made several offers to invest in the company. One was Lori Greiner, who offered $50,000 for 20% of the company. Halls said she was interested in the product but was not convinced by the pitch.

The Potty Safe is a training potty with a locking toilet seat. The product comes with a childproof latch, so that only an adult can remove it. It is also spill-proof, so parents can save time in cleaning and potty training. The company’s product is a great choice for a family with children because they will be able to lock it for their toddler and let them use it as they would a regular toilet.

The company is run by Exeter couple Colt and Stacy Hall. They first came up with the idea after their daughter, Emma, was born. Emma liked to dump her waste into the trash bag. Sometimes, she would spill the contents. This made it difficult for the parents to stop her from doing it again. After all, it was exhausting to clean up Emma’s mess. The Halls had tried several potty products, but none fit their exact needs.

After putting up with the mess, the Halls began thinking about a better way to potty train their children. With the help of their mother, they created a product that solved a real problem for many parents. When the time came, they decided to pursue the Shark Tank opportunity in Bentonville, Arkansas. Their business plan was so compelling that the business owners opted to invest a total of 350 thousand dollars for 10 percent equity.

The Potty Safe has netted $ 250,000 since it was first introduced on Shark Tank in 2011. The product has since gone on to sell for around $17,000 a month. By 2022, the Potty Safe will be worth $250,000 or more. The founders, Colt Hall and Stacy Hall, came up with the idea in 2013 and began selling the product online in August 2018.

The product has many advantages. Its childproof latch prevents a child from accidentally opening the waste bowl, reducing the spread of germs and preventing messy spills. With the splash guard and non-slip feet, this product makes potty training easier and safer for children. The Sharks have endorsed the product and the company is on its way to a successful launch. So far, the Potty Safe is selling well in the market and has garnered the attention of shark Lori Greiner.

The Potty Safe – A Shark Tank Update
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