The Real White Poinsettia

It is easy to buy fake white poinsettias in the supermarket, but are they the real thing? This question might surprise you. A real white poinsettia is actually very easy to grow, and is also much cheaper than a fake. Read on for some helpful tips. Once you have a real white poinsettia in your garden, you’re all set! Just remember to water them correctly!

The most popular poinsettia varieties are red, cream, and white. The red and pink varieties are often referred to as “white,” but the truth is that they’re actually off-white or light cream. The new flower petals are often pink, but this color fades with time. Poinsettias are now the flower of choice for December birthdays, as the color is believed to bring good luck and success.

Poinsettias can be grown easily and are relatively inexpensive so florists and garden centres have adopted them. This makes them a great choice for holiday home decoration, particularly during the holiday season. And while poinsettias are still a popular choice for Christmas, recent research shows that women are the main consumers of this flower. But this could change with the advent of new designer colours. So, be sure to read on to find out more about this festive plant.

A red poinsettia is associated with Christmas, but a white poinsettia could be a welcome surprise. It is a great gift for new homeowners, birthdays, and first Christmas gatherings. They are perennial, which means they can survive in most climates. They are safe to eat even though the sap can upset your stomach. It is also a great choice for housewarming gifts, especially if you live in an area where Christmas is widely celebrated.

It is important to properly care for a white poinsettia when you buy it. They require warm light and a place for their basket to hang. The plant should not be placed near any windows or draughts. Keep the soil moist, but not too dry. Root rot can be caused by overwatering, and the plant will die before it reaches its maximum potential. A real poinsettia should not be repotted in winter.

Remember that a white poinsettia, or a real white poinsettia, is a native Mexican plant. Its Aztec name is ‘cuitlaxochitl’. Its latex was used to treat ailments and its red bracts were useful for dyeing. Before reaching America, Poinsettias were widely used in Mexico during the Christmas season. During the Christmas period, these flowers were carried by procession and honoured the baby Jesus. They were eventually given the name “Flower of the Holy Night”.

The Real White Poinsettia
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