The Rottweiler Pyrenees Mix

The rottweiler-pyrenee mx, a cross between a Great Pyrenees and a Rottweiler, is a mix of both. This combination of dog breeds needs daily exercise and socialization to thrive. They are best suited for jobs like herding cattle and guarding children. Early neurological stimulation can reduce anxiety and prey drive as well as minimize barking.

The Great Pyrenees are a medium-sized breed that weighs around 80 to 135 pounds. If the diet is not controlled, it is possible for the cross breed to gain more weight. The mixed breed is more susceptible to obesity. The parents of this mix are highly intelligent, but both can be difficult to train. The rottweiler pyrenees can be aggressive towards strangers. If this combination is not socialized properly, it can pose a danger to children as young as three years old.

Rottweiler pyrenees are a very energetic breed that requires regular exercise. Training should begin early. If you do not have much experience with dog training, you should start slowly by teaching your pup how to sit, stay, and come when called. Although it may take some time for your pup to become used to a new member of the family, he will eventually get used to it.

Remember that the rottweiler pyrenee is a very independent breed. The breed can be stubborn, which is why it is important to secure your yard. It will need to be exercised daily, and will not do well if left alone all day. The rottweiler Pyrenees mix requires daily exercise, unlike the great Pyrenees. This breed sheds very little hair so make sure you have enough space for your dog to exercise.

The rottweiler Pyrenee mx is a cross of two large dog breeds. It is a large family dog with the characteristics of both parent breeds. It is a very popular breed in America and can be aggressive with children. The Pyrenees Rottweiler mx can also be good guard dogs. This mutt is active so it needs to be exercised often.

Although they are more comfortable than Rottweilers, the pyrenees mx can be left alone for up to six to eight hours. If you do not plan on leaving your dog alone for more than six to eight hours, it might be a good idea bring them indoors.

The Rottweiler Pyrenees Mix
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