The Steelers and Cowboys Meet Again in 2008

Despite a disastrous start to the season, the Pittsburgh Steelers remained unbeaten after a stunning victory against the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers won their sixth consecutive game and were named the NFL’s Defensive Player-of-the Year. They were able to stop Dallas’s explosive offense three times in 2008. Their defense was exceptional in 2008. The Steelers’ offense did not take advantage of the four turnovers Dallas made in the first half. The Steelers tied it on a Jeff Reed field kick and a 6-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger, Heath Miller. They also ran back Nate Washington three more times for 51 yards and drove to tie it with just two minutes and four seconds remaining.

Although the draft class of 2008 didn’t have much success, that doesn’t make it a failure. The Steelers drafted seven players in 2008, and spent a decent amount of draft capital on players who ultimately did not work out. Although it isn’t common for fans to be concerned about the fate of players who don’t make it to the NFL in the end, it is important to remember that a player’s life doesn’t end with football.

The Steelers and Cowboys have played in each other 33 times during the regular season. This is the greatest defense in franchise history and this season’s game was no different. Both teams dominated the NFL in turnovers, and their last drive was the biggest comeback in the series. Although the Steelers were the better defensive team, the Steelers’ offense was able win overtime. So far, both teams have made the playoffs without losing a game and are a threat for the NFC East.

When they met for the first time in 2008, both the Cowboys and Steelers were in rebuilding mode. After losing to the Cowboys in the AFC Championship, the Steelers finished a strong second place in the NFC West. Franco Harris, the Dallas Cowboys’ young running coach, led them to second place in the NFC West. Although the Steelers were a young squad, they were still very competitive at the AFC Central.

The Cowboys are a solid team, but their early-season schedule is brutal. They face the Cardinals, Vikings, and Cowboys. They don’t have much time for rest since Week 14 is their bye week. The last four games of the season are tough. In addition, the Cowboys play the Seahawks and Titans, who are not likely to rest their starters.

The Steelers and Cowboys Meet Again in 2008
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