Things to Consider Before You Start a Quarterback Farm

In the state of Texas, young quarterbacks with NFL dreams spend the summers at a quarterback farm. Many go on to attend different colleges out-of-state or join NFL teams. Some of these players have even won Super Bowls. The quarterback farm is the perfect place to learn from top coaches and make yourself an instant star. It’s not too late for a quarterback farm to be started. Here are some things to consider before you invest your money.

QB Farm: The training facility is run by Steve Gregory, the nation’s top quarterback coach and creator of the QB Farm. Since the farm’s launch, it’s produced multiple high school quarterbacks ranked #1 in their states. His students include Steven Frank, Johnny Sullivan, Max Alba, and Sam Bolinsky. He is also a High School Football Coach, Varsity Offensive Coordinator, and Certified NFL Quarterback Coach.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles have been ranked the worst in passing statistics the past three seasons, and have gone through a coaching change this offseason. Eight quarterbacks have been forced to miss at least one pass by the Eagles this season. Compared to that, the Eagles’ defense is the best in the NFL this season. This reflects a new coach, and the coaching staff should do a better job than in the past.

Things to Consider Before You Start a Quarterback Farm
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