3 Things To Know Before You Go Camping


Camping offers a number of benefits for anyone who wants to try it. It’s good for your physical health because you’ll be out in nature, moving around a lot more than usual, and perhaps even hiking or doing other outdoor pursuits. It’s also good for your mental health since you usually won’t have access to technology, and you can really switch off for a few days, resetting your mind and becoming much more positive. If you go with family and friends, it’s an ideal way to bond and enjoy time together that you might not normally get.

However, if you go camping and you’re unprepared, you won’t have a good time. In fact, you might even have to leave your trip early because you can’t continue safely or comfortably. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should know before you go camping.


When you think of camping and the equipment you’ll need, you’ll probably think of a tent. You might also think of a sleeping bag and groundsheet. However, if you’ve never been camping before, this might be where your idea of equipment ends.

In reality, there are many other pieces of equipment you will need to make your camping trip a successful one, so it’s wise to research this and ensure you have everything you need before you start your vacation. Fixed blade knives are a great example of something that could be extremely useful, and perhaps even essential when camping, but that most people won’t think about. Make sure you know what you need and have it before you set off to prevent having to cut your trip short.

Consider The Temperature

Something else you’ll need to think about when going camping is the temperature. Where are you going? What temperature will it be both during the day and at night (these two temperatures can vary dramatically depending on where you go)?

Consider what the hottest temperature could be during the day and what the coolest temperature could be at night, and work using those two extremes. This might mean that an awning for your tent to give you some extra shade could be useful, and it will also dictate what kind of sleeping bag you’re going to need, for example.

Food And Water

When you go on vacation and stay in a hotel, there will be food and water available whenever you want it. However, when you go camping, especially if you are miles away from anywhere, that’s clearly not going to be the case, and since it’s such an important element, you’ll need to prepare for this. It’s true that running low on food on your last day won’t be too detrimental, but running out of water at any point could be fatal, so you must be prepared.

Ideally, you’ll need two liters of water per day for each person camping. If you intend to hike, you’ll need more. When it comes to food, think about the meals you’ll need (three meals a day, plus snacks, for every day you’re there) and make sure there is enough food for everyone. You’ll need a cooler to keep it all fresh and protect it from animals.

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3 Things To Know Before You Go Camping

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