Tolix Style Restaurant Chairs

Tolix Style Restaurant Chairs

We offer a wide variety of Tolix-style restaurant chairs designed to fit any budget and meet the seating needs of our clients. Available in many colors and other customized options, you will find a tolix chair that best matches your decor. These all-inclusive restaurant chairs are perfect for any need for stylish, durable, and affordable professional seating options.

With a scratch-resistant metal frame and a glossy brushed finish, these tolix restaurant chairs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use as they are water and corrosion-resistant. It also creates easy storage due to its stacking capacity. Tested and accredited professional grades, these chairs meet the food industry’s most stringent requirements and are guaranteed to last.

You may not know what they are called, but you would have seen these restaurant chairs if you went to a restaurant with an outdoor terrace. You can find the Tolix chair everywhere. But this Chair is also remarkable in your restaurant. Read on and discover the origins of these chairs and how they can complement your interior decor.

Ideas behind the Tolix restaurant chairs

Evolution of tolix restaurant chairs

The classic Tolix chair, an all-time favorite in old-style cafes and kitchens worldwide, was designed in 1934. You can keep it out in all weather since the seat had holes. In 1956, the classic Tolix chair finally became perfect. These chairs were popular in cafes and offices, factories, and hospitals with a slender structure. By the end of 1950, the plant had about 80 employees and was producing 60,000 units annually. After the founder’s death, his two sons took over the company and created the famous chairs, which were successful around 1988. In addition, they removed some unnecessary details to make the design more accessible.

Today’s Tolix restaurant chairs

Due to the extraordinary appearance of the Tolix restaurant chairs, they have spread rapidly in restaurants, popping up around dining tables for design enthusiasts. As a result, many furniture manufacturers now distribute the Tolix-style restaurant chairs. However, the production of Tolix restaurant chairs respects the trust and wishes of the founders.

Benefits of Tolix Restaurant Chairs

Tolix Chairs have become an essential element of the interior. Different tolix chairs are convenient and simple, and models are distinguished by solid stability, lightweight, and low cost. Another advantage of these tolix restaurant chairs is that they are stackable, so they do not lose space in your restaurant. Also, these chairs are comfortable enough for an overnight meal due to the high chairs.

Where to place a Tolix chair in your restaurant?

The Tolix chair is not just for the bar. The chairs are so versatile that you can place a Tolix chair in your restaurant, kitchen, and garden, and it will fit anywhere! They are made to match indoor and outdoor usage and are available in various bright colors. The modern version is available in different colors. Then, of course, you can also see the original vintage style.

Tolix restaurant chairs fit any interior style.

Nowadays, the Tollix chair can do a great job of catching the eye of your interior. The look of the Chair is, of course, very industrial. However, the Tolix chair can fit perfectly into a modern interior or add an extra dimension to a country-style decor. Since there are different shapes and colors, the combinations are endless. For example, a tolix chair with a wooden table will enliven your restaurant, or you can mix and match with other colors of chairs for a vintage effect.

Accessories suitable for Tolix restaurant chairs

You can add some interior design with the right accessories, keeping everything in place and creating the perfect balance in your restaurant. This idea will give your restaurant a different atmosphere and a personal touch. If you choose Tolix restaurant chairs, the colors most often used in accessories will be white, brown, black, and gray. It’s easy to choose accessories in colors like your Tolix chair, for example, paintings, wall hooks, picture frames, and mirrors. If you prefer modern tolix chairs in bright colors, look for more colorful accessories. To enhance the comfortability of the Chair more comfortable, you can also use a pillow or sheepskin on the seat.

By reading this article, you might have got a good picture of the origin of Tolix Restaurant Chairs and how Tolix Chair found its way into the interior decoration of your restaurant.

Where to buy the high-quality tolix restaurant chairs?

Restaurant furniture plus has a wide range of premium quality tolix restaurant chairs. Call us today and place your order.

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Tolix Style Restaurant Chairs

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