Things You Need To Know About Appsflyer Integrations

Things You Need To Know About Appsflyer Integrations

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing sector in the virtual world. Today, marketing standards have reached a whole new level.  Efficient use of data and technology is at the forefront. SaaS platforms are generating millions of dollars every year, and these platforms exist solely in the digital ecosystem. With the advent of smartphones and high-speed internet, we saw a change in consumer behavior.

Moreover, technological giants saw a growing space and quickly turned their platforms into money-minting digital advertising platforms. Today, Google and Facebook are much more than search engines and social media giants. People spend a considerable amount of time on their devices so there could not have been a better platform to market new products. However, publishing an ad on an appropriate platform is the job half-done.

There are so many host platforms that it is important to keep track of ad campaigns on each of them. Hence, the collection of relevant data becomes important. Ad publishers have to rely on host platforms to retrieve relevant metrics and send a postback to them as well as the ad network. Certain third-party platforms integrate with the host platforms and analyze the data provided by them.

Therefore, receiving data is not enough; one must be capable enough to segregate the data and analyze it in the wake of the campaign. This helps in devising an efficient strategy and building a better-targeted ad campaign. Appsflyer is an attribution service that integrates with several digital marketing hosts and provides relevant analytics to the publisher. In this article, we will talk about several Appsflyer integrations and their uses.

Media Partners

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Meta, etc. Have billions of users who consume media and posts regularly. Therefore, it is quite easy to retrieve relevant user data, analyze their online behavior and design a targeted ad. This helps in bringing in a quality audience, which improves the ad conversion rate.

AppsFlyer integrations can be done with all of these social media giants as well as Google ads to provide quality data metrics to the publisher. Appsflyer comes with all the necessary tools that can be used to monitor important data such as ad revenue, campaign performance, etc.

Email Service Providers

Appsflyer can also be integrated with your ESPs to provide important email-associated metrics. Today, a lot of consumers enter their digital information on random websites to access desired information or services. These emails are recorded on the cloud and circulated within the ESPs. Partnering with ESPs means that you can customize your ads according to the target audience.

Now, ESPs will ensure a wide reach of your publication, but they only provide limited metrics. Appsflyer can be integrated with popular ESPs like Sailthru, Mailchimp, etc., for data analysis. Additionally, Appsflyer provides deep linking technology, which can be used for the extraction of relevant data.

Customer Engagement Platforms

Customer engagement platforms are key to any e-commerce business. These platforms act as a link between the businesses and existing and prospective consumers. Tools such as direct messages, AI chatbots, e-mails, etc., are used for consumer interaction. Therefore, we can only understand the volume of data that these platforms generate.

Moreover, the data generated in this regard is highly relevant because they pertain to the business directly. Therefore, attribution metrics become highly important. Appsflyer can even be integrated with customer engagement platforms like Leanplum, Airship, etc., to provide metrics on attribution data. Needless to say, Appsflyer plays an important part in building a loyal customer base.

Product Analytics Platform

Product analytics platforms are used to track the market performance of certain products. These platforms provide the data relating to consumer interaction with the published products. Additionally, the data is used to customize the product according to various audiences to make it more relevant.

Appsflyer can be integrated with your product analytics platform to combine product and attribution data. This combination will help in segmenting the data from various sources and build a more suited market and product strategy.

Customer Data Platforms

Customer data platforms are used to track and store user data that interacts with the ad campaign. This data is used to reach out to the relevant audience in a targeted manner. Additionally, consumer data provides valuable information on the types of users that are interacting with the campaign. Appsflyer can be integrated with your customer data platforms, which will help in combining consumer data with attribution data.

TV & OTT Attribution

OTT platforms have become popular with households, replacing the use of cable TV. Therefore, the relevance of platforms like FireTV and Roku has also increased in the digital marketing scenario. Today, publishers can run their ad campaigns on OTT platforms too, which maximizes the reach and provides a better ROI. Appsflyer can be integrated with popular OTT support platforms too. The attribution data from these platforms can then be analyzed using available tools on Appsflyer.


Publishing an ad is the easiest part of a digital marketing campaign. As a campaign manager, one is expected to consistently monitor the performance of the campaign and optimize it accordingly. AppsFlyer is a great way to monitor data using performance metrics. Integrating it with several host platforms will give you access to quality attribution data. This data is crucial in making the ad more relevant. 

Things You Need To Know About Appsflyer Integrations

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