The Latest Wedding Trends To Consider For Your Wedding

Wedding Trends

Every new bride’s fancies and whims always end up dictating the details of her wedding, no matter how closely it resembles a traditional ceremony. This year has already seen the emergence of new wedding trends, with brides and grooms challenging the traditions that were established by their parents and grandparents.

Outdoor Weddings

There has been a trend toward holding receptions outside for quite some time now, but some long-held beliefs have traditionally barred the ceremony from taking place anywhere other than within a church or chapel. However, as more people are earning to get married in scenic locales, an increasing number of brides are looking for ways to have the ordained minister, priest, or chaplain perform the actual ceremony itself in an outside setting. Naturally, the most memorable wedding ceremonies take place on some kind of vantage point that conjures feelings of enduring beauty and splendor.

Natural Elements

The idea of having the wedding in a natural setting goes hand in hand with the concept of having the ceremony outdoors. Table arrangements made of fresh and dried flowers, boughs, branches, and herbs that are taken directly from nature are becoming increasingly popular, both among wedding planners and the hosts of wedding venues. Pinecones, lovely branches wrapped with fairy lights, blossoming vines, and wildflowers are arranged into exquisite bouquets and spread out across tables and in vases, respectively.

Spectacular Displays

A growing number of brides and grooms are choosing to incorporate spectacular displays at their wedding reception. Sometimes this means a rehearsed dance between the bride and groom or a huge dance spectacle that includes key members of the wedding party. Other popular spectacular displays that brides and grooms are gravitating toward include fireworks displays that are put on after dark during the later hours of the wedding reception. The latest trend includes the use of mortar fireworks that are carefully timed to put on a spectacular fireworks display that takes a common, everyday wedding reception into the realm of the memorable and awesome. If you opt for this trend, make sure you have your wedding photographer ready to memorialize the fireworks display as part of your wedding picture package!


Rather than a traditional layered wedding cake, more and more brides are opting to serve cupcakes at their weddings. It’s possible that the phenomenal success of the television show “Cupcake Wars” was the impetus for this newly emerging trend in weddings. Cupcakes are significantly more affordable than wedding cakes, which can run into thousands of dollars. A growing number of brides are opting to have a symbolic miniature wedding cake baked so that the traditional bride and groom figurines can be displayed alongside the cake cutting ritual. They will then have a platter of delicious cupcakes that have been exquisitely adorned for the guests to consume at the reception or take home for later consumption.

Wedding Dresses In Various Colors

White wedding dresses have always stood as a symbol of the bride’s innocence and a fresh start in life. The fact of the matter is that white apparel is not a flattering look for many people. Because more people have complexions that appear better in cream or off-white, more brides are opting for such colors. And to take it one step further, a growing number of brides are becoming at ease with the idea of including a touch of color on their wedding dress, such as a colored band that is wrapped around the waist. Some brides are even choosing to wear a dress of an entirely different hue for their weddings, such as blue, purple, or any number of pinkish tones.

Destination Weddings

For a number of reasons, many brides and grooms are opting to have destination weddings. A destination wedding really broadens the possibilities for where the actual wedding and the reception are held. Rather than being stuck choosing a local place, the happy couple can choose from beautiful destinations around the world. With this trend, all the members of the wedding, as well as guests, travel to a destination that is usually exotic in some way. However, there are some destination weddings that are simply done in order to be closer to older relatives who are too fragile to travel to where the bride and groom currently live.

Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage-inspired and true heirloom wedding rings are another of the biggest wedding trends this year. More birds and grooms are becoming sentimental about family jewels and incorporating them into their modern lives. Sometimes heirloom rings are used just as they are, while other times the precious gems are reset in a more modern setting that suits the taste of the bride.

For most people, the wedding day is the biggest planned event of their lives. It’s fun and exciting to be able to incorporate new trends into an event that is such a time-honored and traditional day. As you celebrate your union, consider using some of these latest trends to help make your day special and unique.

The Latest Wedding Trends To Consider For Your Wedding

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