Things You Need to Know About Travelling as a Student or on a Budget


When we see an Instagram account filled with images of exotic locations, tempting foods, beautiful sunsets, it is very much natural to imagine that people are having a wonderful time on their vacation like a rich and famous.

But here is something; you do not have to be infamous, rich, and get into debt to enjoy a luxurious trip. Even if you are a budget traveler, you can still enjoy a vacation for a life abroad. Through vigilant planning, deep research, and flexibility, you can plan an international trip, and that too in your budget. Here is how.

Pre-Saving Decisions

You are a student and in debt of an education loan or just a hard-working person with limited finances. Can you afford a two-week trip to Iceland or basically any other country? It seems like the answer is no. But as a pro traveler, you should ask yourself: are there any sites or apps available that can help in budget planning, and most of the time the answer is yes.

Even saving for a dream vacation becomes a little difficult at times. Saving will not feel good if you have little or no money in the first place. Pre-saving is the best technique to save money. There are a lot of applications that examine your financial situation, money spending habits, etc.

Also, useful applications of this type include those that monitor the time you spend on different tasks throughout the day. So thanks to them you can, for example, come to the conclusion that you spend a lot of time on homework and that you should think about using “write my paper for me” services, and in the saved time to go to work to earn money for a dream trip. These apps can be customized, you can change saving and spending habits in-app, depending on how much you want to save or spend. Some of these apps are Digit, Mint, Acorns, Credit Mantra, etc.

Many of us, in fact, all of us, face challenges in keeping the balance between saving and spending, these apps can help you a lot.

Pick a budget-friendly destination and transport

The aviation industry is becoming competitive these days and a lot of airlines continuously roll out low fare schemes to enable budget travelers to book cheap flight tickets online. But there is more in the budget just than finding cheap flight tickets. Fooding, lodging, shopping, and travel activities also make a huge difference in the budget, though, such things differ from place to place.

When you are selecting a budget-friendly destination, take a close look at the exchange rate of the country’s currency. Looking at the exchange rate, you can easily identify which is the budget-friendly location.

Many carriers help travelers solve this problem by adding a feature to their websites and apps that allow you to simply select a “go-anywhere” destination and choose by price category. The only drawback is that you can only see offers from one carrier (sometimes also partner flights).

To solve this disadvantage, there are special sites and services that aggregate offers of all (or at least most) carriers. You can use these services to compare the cheapest offers to different destinations, and you can probably choose more affordable flights and more interesting destinations.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of transport and transfers between them. Do not be too attached to the point of departure and arrival. Think about what places are relatively nearby – you may be able to save money by connecting. For example, if there are no low-cost flights to your destination, take low-cost flights to the nearest town and get to your destination by bus or train. And given the difference between the prices of low-cost and regular airlines, the money you save may even allow you to rent a car, despite the fact that travel by car is quite expensive. However, if traveling in Nordic island countries, you can rent a car in Iceland that is quite affordable and will not cost you as much.

Vacation Packages; should be taken or not?

You might have got bulk emails and calls to buy vacation packages. Are these vacation packages are beneficial? A vacation package consists of many things such as air tickets, food, lodging, sightseeing, and probably many other things at a cheap price. Vacation packages provide the advantages of a well-planned holiday at an economical price. You can make good research before buying vacation packages from anywhere. 

These packages are best in this age where all of us want to stay away from the hassle of searching and then booking cheap flight tickets and finding accommodation. But we should not forget the saying “In God we trust, the rest we check”. If an offer is sent to you by a company with which you are unfamiliar, it is worth checking whether they want to make easy money on your laziness by including a crazy extra charge in the price. If the company is reputable and you know that the markup is negligible, such an offer can be a good way to save time and nerves on the search.

Book Ahead of Time

Booking ahead of time is the best way to find a great pricing combination for your vacation. In many cases, it has been found that the best time to book a vacation is 3-4 months ago. One can also look for off-peak travel days to save money. You can also book accommodation, car rentals and, if possible, bus or any other ticket ahead of time. Also, take basic things with you because purchasing things that you can carry, to the destination, is an expensive affair. Every little thing will help.

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Things You Need to Know About Travelling as a Student or on a Budget

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