Thinking About Party Yacht Rental For a Big Celebration? Here’s What to Consider

Party Yacht Rental

Jeff Bezos, the ex-Amazon CEO, just bought himself a $500 billion superyacht that’s so big it has its own support yacht.

…Complete with a helipad.

Don’t worry, though, epic yacht experiences aren’t restricted to the mega-rich and famous! A party yacht rental delivers everything you need to have an awesome time at sea. But only if you take certain things into account first!

With that in mind, check out these key considerations for chartering a yacht.


After 12 months of COVID-enforced social distancing, everybody’s chomping at the bit to let loose and have a good time. And there’s no better way to do exactly that than to rent a party yacht for the night! The result?

Yachts are being snapped up at a frightening pace. Take the advice from Ahoy Club and decide your dates ASAP so you can book the boat well in advance.

Guest List

Deciding the guest list is a key part of planning any special event. Yet it’s of particular importance when it comes to a party yacht rental! Why?

Because it plays a major role in determining how big the yacht needs to be. With the guest list decided, you can book something up that’s large enough to accommodate everybody safely and comfortably.


Put some thought into your budget too. After all, renting a yacht of any size and variety isn’t cheap! To avoid putting undue strain on your bank balance, we recommend doing some research to see what’s affordable.

Related factors to think about here include:

  • The type of boat
  • How long you’re renting it for
  • Whether or not you need a captain/crew


Will your yacht party be a classic, classy affair? Or do you want it to have a particular theme? For example, you could ask people to come along dressed as swashbuckling pirates, or sexy sailors!

From there, you’ll be able to plan how the yacht will be decorated. Sites like Pinterest can be a treasure-trove of ideas in this regard, so be sure to check it out!


The next step is to organize the entertainment onboard the boat! Once again, settling upon a theme for your party yacht rental should make this step a little easier.

For example, you could hire a jazz band for a 1920s-style speakeasy party. Or, if you’re doing something more traditional, why not hire a disc jockey to come on board and play the latest house music into the early hours?

Remember These Party Yacht Rental Statistics

Contrary to popular belief, partying the night away on a luxury yacht isn’t just for the wealthiest people in the world. Thanks to party yacht rental services, we can all do it!

However, to ensure you have the best time possible, it’s important to take certain factors into account first. We hope the insights in this article will help in that regard. Want to read more posts like this one?

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Thinking About Party Yacht Rental For a Big Celebration? Here’s What to Consider

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