How will the Three-Tier Lockdown Affect Small Businesses?

How will the Three-Tier Lockdown Affect Small Businesses?

Everything was going fine until Coronavirus hit our world, and we moved into a pandemic situation. While we are still struggling to get over the virus and move ahead in our lives, the lockdown has positively affected businesses a lot.

As we enter into December of the year 2020, the UK government has introduced a three-tier system in the national lockdown. It is going to be under force from December 2, 2020. This tier system will be enforced in England. However, this system is strict and can highly affect businesses.

We may find three different standards that can be defined as a medium, high and extremely high. Medium is tier one, high is tier two, and very high is tier three. Every tier system will decide which type of business will function and the kind of financial support they can get.

Which Businesses can be Active in all these standards?

According to the information, both indoor and outdoor markets may stay active or especially those indulging in essential and non-essential retail sectors. Those businesses that offer personal care and close contact system can remain open such as tattoo parlour, beauty salons, hairdressers, spas, nail salons, tanning salons, and massage parlours. Public buildings such as halls, cinema halls, and the library can remain open but cannot host private events in tier three. Sporting facilities and leisure systems such as fitness studios, gym, swimming pool, etc. can remain open but have to maintain social distancing.

Furthermore, other spots that may remain active are car parking, recycling centres; allotment and public toilets can remain open. Place of worship can remain open along with essential public services like NHS and medical services, courts, and Jobcentre plus sites.

What kind of restrictions are in Tier 1?

Tier one or medium-level consist of normal restrictions. All the businesses can remain open except the ones which are closes by laws such as pubs and night clubs. If you own a food and drinks business, then you need to close down your business between 11 pm, and 5 am. Your customers can consume food while being seated, and you can only offer table services. You can take the last order at 10 pm. Only the premises that offer takeaway food can remain open beyond 10 pm. Cinema, hospitality venue, museums, theatres, also need to get closed at 11 pm.

The sectors have to follow the regulation of six for fitness, and sports businesses need to follow the rule of six. Weddings can take place with a maximum capacity of 15 while for the funeral, the capacity is 30. The government has advised the following work from home for employees.

What Businesses should take care of in Tier 2?

Tier two means a high alert level. The most important one is that you cannot socialise with anyone who doesn’t live in your household or support bubble indoor, at home, or in public. The rule of six needs to be followed during any outdoor meeting. Bars and pubs must remain closed but can operate if they are also restaurants. The hospitality venue can serve alcohol with substantial meat but need to get closed at 11 pm. Entertainment, retail, and personal care businesses can remain open just like in tier 1.

In this tier, you must reduce the number of travelling and should do when only necessary. Accommodation will remain open and for work, businesses are advised to work from home. Place of worship will stay unlock but you cannot interact with anyone by walking in the streets. For weddings and funerals, the same rules will be followed as in tier 1. Indoor leisure can remain open and large events are open but with 50% capacity.

The strict of the all – Tier 3

Tier three or very high level means a lockdown in that area. Accommodation will remain closed unless they are begin used as the main residence. Hospitality businesses will also remain closed in tier 3 but can continue if they offer takeaway, drive-through, click and collect, and delivery services. Indoor entertainment and tourist venues will remain closed along with large events. Sports and leisure businesses can remain open but group classes cannot operate in tier 3. Only drive-in events are permitted.

The UK government has decided to review the tiers on 16 December and it will inform any amendments in the tiers on 17th December. From 23 December to 27 December, the government will provide relaxation to let three households or support bubble to hang out together and spend the night together. However, in Northern Ireland, the relaxation will be given from 22 December to 28 December for allowing travel between countries.

We understand these tough times can be extremely costly. To solve your problems, the government has announced many financial schemes to help your business. But if you ever need some funds for your business, you can always rely on direct lenders. Do you know that they also provide a guaranteed payday loan?

The three-tier system has been introduced for controlling COVID-19 transmission. It may be complicated for the companies to implement all of a sudden. Instead of stressing out what will happen this month, businesses should focus on making the most of the situation.

How will the Three-Tier Lockdown Affect Small Businesses?

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