TimeSplitters Characters – Venus Starr

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Venus Starr is a cowgirl in the TimeSplitters franchise who first appears in the second game, TimeSplitters 2. She first appeared in the Wild West Story level in TimeSplitters 2, and has been a main character in the game since. Venus Starr moved to the big city from her small hometown in search of fame. But she hasn’t quite made it as an entertainer. She is a strong but clumsy cowgirl who always has her guns loaded.

Venus Starr, a multi-talented New Zealand singer and songwriter, had one single released by the Philly World record labels in 1983. The song was called “Ms. Sassy Frassy Classy”. It did not chart. Starr’s career is not as well known as some other female R&B stars, but her popularity has continued to grow. She has personal websites where you can find out more about her.

TimeSplitters Characters – Venus Starr
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