4 Tips for Hosting a Fun and Safe Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

Safe Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

If you have been asked to take part in a friend or family member’s wedding party, you may find yourself tasked with planning or hosting the bachelorette or bachelor party. Below are four quick tips for throwing a fun, and still safe, celebration to mark the end of the bride and groom’s single days.

1. Planning To Drink? Don’t Let Anyone Drive.

A bachelorette (or bachelor) party is not a good night to ask someone to be the designated sober driver; after all, everyone wants to have fun celebrating. If there is going to be any amount of drinking throughout the day, night, or weekend, then you should plan a safe way for everyone to travel. Booking a limo service Carrollton TX is a very special and sophisticated way to travel and continue having fun.

2. Book a Comfortable Place to Sleep.

Rather than send the guests home (if the party happens to be local) at the end of the party, you should book a comfortable place for them to sleep. Be it a luxurious hotel, a cute homestay, or your own home, it will take the pressure off the guests to find a safe way to get themselves back to their own beds.

3. Create an Itinerary in Advance.

Planning the bachelor/bachelorette party should happen in advance. That way, no one is scrambling to find something fun to do, or somewhere exciting to be. The itinerary can be sent to the guests ahead of time, so if someone is going to be late, they know where to go to find the party.

4. When in Doubt, Ask the Bride or Groom.

As the host, don’t forget to keep the wishes of the guest of honor at the forefront of your mind. Before booking any potentially embarrassing entertainment, ask the bride or groom. Before deciding on a happy hour location, ask the bride or groom.

Planning the bachelorette/bachelor party can be a great experience, as long as you remember to keep everyone as safe as possible.

4 Tips for Hosting a Fun and Safe Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

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