3 Tips for RVing With Your Pet

Tips for RVing With Your Pet

Pets are part of the family, too, and it is hard for many pet parents to leave them behind while out enjoying a vacation. One of the benefits of traveling in a recreational vehicle is bringing those furry family members along for the trip. Dogs are usually up for a road excursion, and many cats enjoy it as well. Here are three tips on how to enjoy an RV trip with your pet.

Do a Test Run

It’s a good idea to make sure your pet is comfortable in a moving recreational vehicle before you start planning a trip. Have Fluffy or Fido hop in your rig and do a test run around town to see how he or she reacts. Make sure to include some interstate driving to ensure your furry friend is okay with fast-moving traffic.

Make Campground Reservations

Plan out your route and make all your recreational vehicle reservations in Kieler WI in advance at locations you know accept pets. Many of today’s RV campgrounds include a dog park and pet walking trails. Please note the rules and guidelines for your pet at each location and prepare in advance to follow them.

Get a Tag

No one wants to lose a pet while traveling, but accidents can happen, and your pet could slip out of the RV or wander off to another campsite. Before you leave, get a collar tag with your cell phone number written on it to attach to your furry friend’s collar and double-check that the contact information on your pet’s microchip is up to date as well. Remember always to keep your beloved pet on a leash unless you are driving or settled in for the night.

Following these three tips will help all your family members enjoy your next recreational vehicle road trip.

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3 Tips for RVing With Your Pet

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