5 Tips To Be More Environment Friendly In Your House

Environment Friendly

Co2 emissions and single-use plastics are the biggest contributors to destroying the earth. Fortunately, a lot of people are moving towards environment-friendly solutions in homes and offices. It saves the Earth but unfortunately, it comes at a cost. Sometimes the environment-friendly solutions are so expensive that not everyone can afford them. 

But we have to start somewhere. And where better to start than your own home, by using the stuff you already have. There are a lot of budget-friendly small changes you can make to your home and general life to help the environment. Fixing a few buying habits here and there, a bit of recycling and you are good to go. Below are some ways to get you started:

1. Recycle

One of the major culprits when it comes to the environment is the use of plastic. Whether it’s bottles, straws, tupperware, etc everything has plastic. These single-use things are not recyclable and are a major contributor to destroying the environment.

What you can do to prevent single-use plastic is to carry a stainless steel straw with you, use tote bags for grocery shopping and carry your own water bottle instead of buying new ones every time.

Long-term use of plastic also causes several types of inflammation, genotoxicity, oxidative stress, and necrosis in some cases as well. To avoid such problems and save our environment water filling stations have been set up. The most popular bottle filling stations include a fully automatic EZH2O combo unit and the same bi-level unit of the same model. Further, replace everything you can with sustainable options e.g shoppers with paper/cloth bags and straws with paper straws, etc. Make sure to recycle everything you can.

2. Use Solar Panels

Citizens from all over the world are becoming more environmentally aware and leaving the habits and practices that are continuously destroying nature.

One such practice is energy consumption. Currently, people all over the world consume electric, wind, coal, and oil energy for use in houses, offices, and industries but these sources are one of the major pollutants around the country. Electricity is vital to our functioning, both in our offices as well as homes. To promote a greener home and office environment, install solar panels. Not only do they produce electricity sometimes, but it is also enough to even sell to a grid.  Solar panels are a very long-term investment and can last up to 20 years even with the current layman technology used for them. 

3. More Plantation

When we think about saving the earth, planting trees is the easiest and closest solution to helping the environment.

Planting trees in your house can be of two types, the plants for a greener house and herbs. While herbs can be used for cooking, the normal plants can be decorative as well as a source of extra oxygen in your house. You could do a plantation drive with your children around the neighborhood and also ask other children and neighbors to participate.  Cultivating this practice will make a difference at least in your neighborhood.

4. Use Natural Cleaning Products

Chemicals used to clean are not only filled with gases to harm the ozone layer but they also carry particles to affect our lungs. Also, these chemicals when washed are mixed in the water supply which eventually ends up hurting a lot of animal life. But fortunately, the majority of the time a good mix of vinegar and water can or other citrus fruits mixed with bicarbonate soda does the exact job these cleaning chemicals do.

5. DIY More

DIYs are not only fun and can involve the whole family but saves you a lot of money. People who are inclined towards sustainable housing are big advocates of recycling and DIYing their things to make new ones. E.g you could use glass jars as plant pots, tin to make lamps, crochet blankets, plastic bows, sweater pillows, etc.

Helping the environment is ultimately helping life, it is not only important for us but we owe it to our future generations of life on earth. It may seem that we are not able to fight the big corporations that pollute the earth but we can do our bit by introducing environment-friendly practices in our homes and offices. Let us know what measures have you taken for an eco-friendly house

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5 Tips To Be More Environment Friendly In Your House

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