Best Tips to Help Parents Get Ready for a New School Year

New School Year

Whether your child is entering the pre k learning phase, just starting school or moving to a new grade, they may experience some apprehension about that first day in the classroom. Meeting new friends and teachers can be an exciting time, but add a different curriculum that your student will need to adjust to and the excitement of starting back to school can be zapped away. However, there are things you can do to get ready for a new school year that helps ease the anxiety your child may feel. And with a little planning, you can help your student make the right step forward this year.

Consider these best tips to help parents get ready for a new school year.

Take an Inventory of Your Student’s Closet

When deciding what your child needs for the new school year, you’ll first want to take an inventory of what they already have. If they’ve got items from last year’s supply (pens, notebook paper, folders) that can still be used, you’ll save money by utilizing the stock you’ve got. In addition, assess your child’s wardrobe for clothing items they will need. You may find several things that they’ve outgrown, and you may want to sell those items or give them to Goodwill. 

Consider these tips for getting your back-to-school list in order:

  • Establish your child’s needs.
  • Set a budget for back-to-school shopping.
  • Write down your child’s sizes.

Plan a Back-to-School Shopping Trip

Surprise your student with a back-to-school shopping trip for all their school needs. Make it a fun event by eating lunch at their favorite restaurant or end the day with fun activities such as go-cart riding or putt-putt golf. Be sure to shop for the latest fall accessories in backpacks. And while you’re adding this year’s fashion trends in pants and jackets, don’t forget the one must-have wardrobe item of all — back-to-school sneakers.

Visit the School at Open House

Many school districts now offer an “open house” event before the first day back in school. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher and visit the classroom where they’ll be every day. Your child’s teacher may already have lecture seating arrangements in place giving you and your child a chance to experience how the learning environment will be set up. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions and address any issues that are important to your child’s learning. 

Get Ready for a New School Year 

You’ll have less stress if you start the back-to-school planning a few weeks early. Clothing that no longer fits can be replaced with the latest fashions, and you can save money by shopping the back-to-school sales as soon as you see the announcements. Stock tends to be depleted early, so you’ll want to hit the stores within the first couple of days. Remember to attend the school’s open house so that you don’t miss this important opportunity to meet the teachers and view your child’s upcoming learning environment. Welcome back to school!

Best Tips to Help Parents Get Ready for a New School Year

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