4 Helpful Tips to Help Your Child Improve Focus

Helpful Tips to Help Your Child Improve Focus

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit America in early 2020, interest in homeschooling has exploded. Some US states are seeing homeschooling applications in the tens of thousands, while one in five parents in New York say they are exploring homeschooling options.

Whether your child is still attending traditional school or you’re teaching them at home, it can be a struggle to improve focus in such unstable times. With routine, clear goals, and some mind tricks like meditation, you can make a difference in the way they learn.

Below, we provide a quick guide to getting students to stay on task.

1. Avoid Multitasking

While people have praised the ability to multitask for decades, recent research suggests that it actually harms our productivity. So if it’s not useful for adults, why would we think it useful for our kids?

If you’re wondering how to teach a child to focus, it’s as easy as ensuring they’re not overwhelmed by having too many things to do. Break big projects down into bite-sized chunks and have a child tackle just one micro-task at a time.

You’ll improve their focus on giving them a greater sense of achievement.

2. Set Clear Goals

Tied in with the move away from multitasking, teaching a student to set goals will improve focus and memory.

Before a child starts on an assignment, sit down with them and review the task’s why. What do you want them to achieve or understand at the end of the session? For example, maybe they need to check a paragraph of text and create some study notes for a test they need to take later on.

Give students a time limit to achieve each goal. The break at the end of that timeframe will motivate them to complete the task.

3. Strive for Good Nutrition

If you’re seeking to improve focus and concentration in your child, getting their diet right is a crucial first step.

Ready-made meals and pre-packaged snacks might be easy to throw in a lunch box, but they’re often loaded with sodium, caffeine, chemical additives, and sugars. These undesirable ingredients can leave kids feeling sick, jittery and, worse of all, reduce their ability to focus.

Instead, offer your children meals and snacks crafted from healthy whole-foods. Certain natural supplements can also help your kids thrive at school. For example, try Genius Drops to improve behavior, focus, and memory.

4. Get Organized

As the saying goes, a messy space equals a cluttered mind. But getting organized is one of those strategies to help your child focus that’s easier said than done. Children often have a hard time understanding why they need to clean up.

Give your little student a dedicated workspace, such as a desk and chair, and only populate it with the things they need for learning. Take some time to help them organize their notes, too. Use folders, color-coding strategies, and teach them some effective note-taking systems.

Ensure the area they work in free from distractions: get rid of the TV, game consoles, tablets, and smartphones.

Improve Focus for Long-Term Success

We’re confident these tips will get children to improve focus, increase their grades, and boost their enjoyment. Teachers, try out these tips on your students, whether you’re in the classroom or teaching remotely. And parents, these tricks work on at-home learners, too!

If you’re looking for more ways to fast-track your child’s education success, explore the other articles on our website.

4 Helpful Tips to Help Your Child Improve Focus

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