9 Tips to Increase Well Being at Home

Tips to Increase Well Being at Home

An ancient oriental discipline, only small things are needed to turn your home into a space of well-being and positivity, favoring the balance between you and the environment that surrounds you and leaving aside all sources of anxiety and worry.

Discover all our tips to relieve stress and improve your physical and mental health!

1. Light up space

It is already known that a poorly lit or poorly lit environment fatigue the eyes and mind and can cause migraines and psychophysical discomfort. One of the latest trends in the field of lighting is daylighting, a technology capable of bringing sunlight into the home. How is this possible? Well, thanks to special tubular skylights that capture the light from the ceiling and manage to transport and propagate it in any direction, minimizing the use of artificial light and, consequently, energy consumption.

2. Improve the quality of your sleep

Did you know that using electronic devices before going to bed influences the quality of your sleep? This is said by scientific research carried out by the University of Oxford, which shows that electromagnetic waves emitted by televisions and computers alter metabolism and can disturb sleep. The use of smartphones and tablets before going to sleep is also not recommended, because the blue light they emit alters the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Learn more about the health safety tips on the health section of this blog.

3. Look for ecological materials

To decorate your house in an ecological way, the first thing you should do is choose furniture made with ecological materials. Do you need any ideas? Wood, stone, and marble, in addition to being totally non-toxic, are the ideal solution for lovers of urban style. However, it is important to know the origin of the material and choose only products that come from eco-sustainable sources or managed responsibly. For accessories, choose natural materials such as straw, cork, and bamboo, making sure that they contain low levels of benzene, as it is harmful to the skin and the respiratory tract.

4. Choose the right colors

Do you know how to take advantage of color to improve your daily well-being? Following the principles of chromotherapy! The energetic properties of yellow and red are ideal when used to paint the walls of some rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, while the cooler, more calming colors are ideal for bedrooms. Green is the most suitable color to promote concentration and study. If you fear that the color of a wall will tire you over time, think about giving vitality to the room by choosing colored furniture and accessories.

5. Use residential elevators

The elevator is an element that trades on the rise when valuing a home. The revaluation of the property can range between 20% – 40% depending on the floor where the house is located. If the building does not have an elevator, the higher the height of the house, the more penalized the value should be.
Electromechanical elevators are the best option for homes because they are faster than hydraulic ones, consume less, and do not need to install a machine room. Furthermore, best residential elevators with the new machine technologies without a gearbox, an energy saving of 42% can be achieved.

6. Live in a clean environment

Did you know that your mattress can contain, on average, more than two million dust mites? Carpets, cushions, and sofas are a source of the proliferation of mites and allergens, which represent one of the main causes of allergies and respiratory problems. Dedicate an hour a week to cleaning textiles:  You can sterilize mattresses, cushions, pillows, and upholstery, thus avoiding the appearance of dermatitis, asthma, and allergies.

7. Create your little green corner

Having plants at home is not just a matter of decoration! NASA research has found that having certain types of plants in different rooms of the house brings benefits for both health and mood. All this is possible thanks to the photosynthesis of chlorophyll, which purifies the air by emitting oxygen and absorbing pollutants. The best plants? Lavender, for its calming properties; aloe, which guarantees very clean air, and ivy, considered a powerful bactericide.

8. Get rid of the superfluous

There are numerous studies that show that living in an orderly environment generates benefits not only for physical health but also for psychological health. But the advantages of the order are not limited only to the domestic sphere: making room in your home also means dedicating time and space to yourself, surrounding yourself with objects that you appreciate, and avoiding accumulating useless things. Not sure where to start? Discover how to do effective decluttering!

9. Healthy activity like surfing

Being such a complete sport, with surfing you will be fitter and feel better. Thanks to surfing, you can work for muscle groups as important as the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. Thanks to surfing, you will be able to improve your muscle tone and improve your physical appearance, although not everything is sport and a good diet is necessary to achieve it. It is an ideal sport to achieve a healthy and well-toned body. It is a great aerobic exercise that combines physical endurance with physical fitness.

When you start surfing, it is almost inevitable to feel connected to nature. It is very rare that the real surfer leaves soda cans, bags, cigarette butts, etc. on the beach. The surfers will leave the beach exactly the same as when they found it. It is not at all pleasant to be waiting for waves at the peak and to find plastic bags, cigarette butts, bottles, caps, and even compresses. For this reason, surfing will unite you more to nature than you could already be … Surfing makes us more aware of the respect and value that our seas and oceans deserve

9 Tips to Increase Well Being at Home

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