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The Tom Holland Agency has a large client base and can help you to represent your writing projects to the best agency. This agency can help you find the right representation, regardless of whether you are an artist or a writer. This literary agency has less than 10 employees, is located in Los Angeles, and represents a wide range of authors. The agency can handle all projects, from the smallest to the most complex. Contact them today to learn more.

Tom Holland’s father, Harry Holland, started a blog called “Eclipsed,” which was a sequential story about his career. The blog ran for several months until Tom Holland starred in The Impossible, a film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and based on the real-life events of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was released in North America and Europe in December 2012.

Tom Holland flew to Atlanta multiple times for screen testing. A driver even gave him a backhanded compliment. He said that if he appeared good enough, he would be granted the part. He returned to Atlanta several times to continue the process. The experience was invaluable for his career and he earned a spot in a major movie. His gymnastics background was a big plus for the movie’s director.

Tom Holland has millions of fans. Fans can reach Holland using his contact information to ask for donations or invites to events. His website and social media profiles allow fans to reach him. He has been involved in many charity fundraisers and weddings. With his popularity, finding his contact information has never been easier. But before contacting him, here are a few tips.

An acting agent is responsible for many things. Among them, they arrange auditions, negotiate fees, and advise their clients on how to land the job. They handle fan mail, media requests, and establish relationships with Hollywood’s top executives. Tom Holland’s agent can help him reach his goals, no matter if it’s for a movie or television series. He’ll also be available to help you if you need an agent to represent you career.

Tom Holland Agency
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