Touchdown! The NFL Players to Follow in 2021

NFL Players

Did you know that the audience for the NFL regular-season games has dropped from 16.5 million in 2019 to only 15 million in 2020? Due to COVID-19, there were fewer games that were televised, leaving people not knowing who to follow or to root for.

Now in 2021, the games are back in full swing, and the players are ready to win. So which players should you follow this season?

Don’t worry, with this guide you can find out! From Cam Akers to Devin White, we’ve gathered a list of the best players you have to watch this season.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at the best up and coming NFL players:

Cam Akers

As the 52nd pick in the 2020 draft, Akers has had a lackluster start to his NFL career. Out of the Ram’s first eight games, he carried the ball only 50 times for about 201 yards. In two of the games, he didn’t even touch the ball.

However, things started to heat up when he ran about 424 yards in the Los Angeles final five season games. Then he demolished Seattle with his 131 rushing yards and overall 176 playoff win.

As the season progressed, he performed well, proving once and for all that he is one to beat. Now this season, he’s better than ever. Using his skills and occasional passing-catching abilities, he’s ready to win this season!

Jaire Alexander

After three seasons, Alexander has finally found his stride after making constant improvements in 2019. Last season, he was hardly targeted, only making 80 passes the entire year, but that’s no surprise; opposing quarterbacks tend to avoid him in games.

After all, QB’s only have a 67 passer rating when targeting him. That’s some serious power!

Now, you probably haven’t followed him season after season. Alexander hasn’t received the same name recognition as other elite football players. However, this season he’s ready to bring his A-game. So be ready for a fight!

Mike Gesicki

With his fourth season on the horizon, Gesicki has quietly risen to the top of the charts. Becoming one of the most powerful and effective tight-ends in the league.

Last season, he caught five touchdowns and averaged 13 yards per reception. Now Gesicki isn’t much of a blocker, but if he uses his six-foot-six stature to his advantage, he can cause discrepancies to happen along the field.

So watch out for Gesicki! He’s definitely coming for that championship ring.

Brian Burns

After his favorable rookie campaign, he climbed the charts making 21 QB hits, nine sacks, eight tackles, and three fumble recoveries. He even increased his overall pro focus grade by 13.1 even though he switched from an outside linebacker to a defensive end, how cool is that?

Now, by the looks of his first two years, he’s going to be one of the league’s finest sack pros to grace the field. Make sure you follow his stats because he’ll be the one to beat!

Justin Herbert

As the winner of the offensive rookie of the year award, Justin Herbert has had a great start to his professional career. With over seven games with a passer rating above 100, he’s become a stand-out athlete. Not to mention he did that despite the pressure on his 239 of 653 dropbacks!

Thus, Herbert has flourished in high-pressure situations, making his passer rating one of the top ratings as a full-time starter. If he continues to show his strength and passion on the field, then who knows, he could just become the next MVP?

Erik Wilson

Wilson had a breakout season, starting 15 out of the 16 games he played. He finished the season with over 100 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries, 3 sacks, over 5 interceptions, and 10 QB hits. Now, that’s some stats!

To many Eagle fans and even a few coaches, Wilson reminds them of Kevin Reilly. Kevin Reilly eagles played for the eagles back in 1973 to 1974. Erik Wilson has his determination and passion for the sport that make him that ultimate football player.

His willpower to play and win against any odds shows how well he’ll do this upcoming season. So get ready for an intense game Wilson will bring it home this season!

Devin White

Some may call him Tom Brady’s other half; however, he makes a name for himself all by himself. Impressively, White played every defensive snap for the Buccaneers and finished with nine sacks. His agility and ability to quickly cover the field were on display during the super bowl.

His go-to attitude and non-stop passion are what make him the heart of Tampa Bay’s defense. No doubt he’ll be coming back strong in 2021.

While he didn’t go to the pro bowl last year, he’s sure to fight for the Defensive Player of the year this season. So Devin White fans, make sure to get out your jerseys; this season is going to be a wild ride!

NFL Players to Follow This Season

NFL players often come and go, whether it be due to injury, trading, or retirement. However, this season there are a few key players you should watch out for.

From Justin Herbert to Jaire Alexander, these players show incredible stamina on and off the field. They specialize in their position and are able to work with their team to play efficiently and with determination.

So what are you waiting for? Place your bets on these players today.

For more information about the NFL, visit our website. We look forward to helping you learn about the 2021 NFL season!

Touchdown! The NFL Players to Follow in 2021

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